What I appreciate most about Dome is that we are all about providing opportunities for our employees and that is what fuels our growth. Our core values “value people”, “seek to understand” and “do it right” really resonate with me.

People Highlights

Join us in celebrating Ryan Young in his new role as director and shareholder at Dome Construction. In this new role, Ryan will continue to lead his valued team of builders and problem solvers. One of Ryan’s main responsibilities is assembling the right team for each job – considering the client’s needs, the technical aspects of the project, and all the personalities involved.

Ryan joined Dome in 2015, where he focused on slowly and steadily building his team, client base, and more relationships in the industry. Today, working with his teammates is still Ryan’s favorite aspect of his job. He enjoys watching them grow and conquer new challenges.

Ryan’s interest in construction goes back as far as he can remember. Ryan recalls, “I have always enjoyed building things. My Dad was a middle school woodshop teacher so some of my earliest memories were building things in the garage. I think combining that interest with my engineering education and construction was a natural fit. Like a classic woodshop teacher, my dad would lock up the tool cabinet if I didn’t clean up the sawdust, and for that reason – I still really appreciate a clean jobsite.”

Ryan graduated from Cal Maritime in 2002 and thought he would work on ships as an engineer his whole career. Quickly realizing he didn’t want to be away from home that much with a young family, he got a job at Genentech as a plant operator in South San Francisco.  It was quite the transition, but he felt fortunate to land in a great spot. Ryan had many good mentors at Genentech and ultimately determined he enjoyed project management and construction. Since then, Ryan has worked on both the contractor and the owner’s side of the business, finding his favorite roles in life science and technical projects.

In addition to his role and responsibilities at Dome, Ryan has been serving in the US Navy since 2006. Thank you for your service, Ryan! Ryan believes his time in the military has helped broaden his perspective.  His experience includes working on diverse teams and solving problems. He is grateful for the opportunity he has had to work with people from different parts of the country, as well as foreign militaries on assignments in faraway places. His background in the Maritime Industry and the Navy, coupled with his experience on the owner’s side of the business, have all added to the strengths and unique perspective Ryan brings to the construction industry.

Looking ahead, Ryan is excited about 2024 projects with great clients and partners that are moving into construction as we start the new year.  It will be super exciting to kick off these projects in the field and see them come to life. We asked Ryan what career lessons he hopes to pass on. He replied, “Every problem is also an opportunity to solve and get better so break it down and get started.”

Did you know?

More About Ryan

Do you have any secret talents?

I still have some magic tricks. I was into that as a kid.

What's the weirdest job you've ever had?

I sold Churros at the county fair as a teenager.  I still remember serving a batch that was still frozen in center and having some irate customers.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

My dad, uncle, brother, and cousins were dropped off at a remote lake in Alaska by a float plane where we stayed in a cabin for 4 days. We were eaten alive by mosquitos, but it was lots of fun otherwise.

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