Creating A Culture Of Safety

Zero is theonly acceptablegoal at Dome.

Unsafe working conditions can lead to loss of a limb, loss of income, loss of life. This can drive up costs and delay or even postpone projects. Unsafe workers rub off on other workers, creating a culture where safety comes last.

At Dome Construction, we believe safety needs to come first. We want our team members to come home in one piece from the job site, every day. It’s not just about staying on task or meeting government requirements – it’s about making sure our family members can keep plying their trade, building projects and careers. This culture of safety is created with one common goal in mind. Zero accidents, zero lost time.

  • safety .45 EMR for 2021
  • award 17 Years of CEA Safety Awards
Safety From Day One

Startingon theright foot.

We work to install the culture of safety from the first day an employee comes aboard. One of the first things an employee receives at Dome Construction is a copy of our Field Procedures and Operations Program, as well as our Injury and Illness Prevention Program. No employee or subcontractor works on our projects without being given the proper background in safety actions and skills.

How We Do It

Always Learning& Evolving.

It’s more than just investing time and knowledge that matters. We also invest in the latest safety equipment for our team members. That means protective head, hand, and foot gear, as well as high-visibility clothing, modern fall-protection equipment, effective hearing and respiratory protection and the latest, most advanced first aid and emergency care kits. We also take pride in:

  • Weekly Job Site Safety Meetings
  • Orientation Meetings for All Staff and Subcontractors
  • Supplemental Training Throughout the Year
  • Quarterly OSHA Classes
  • In-House Safety Officers
  • Pro-Active Insurance Company Visits to Job Sites
  • A History of Success

A History Of Success

Safety hasalways beena priority.

Getting our team home from the job site safe and sound has always been our number one goal. That’s why, since 1969, we have implemented the most modern training and technology. It’s also why, since 1969, we’ve met one of our goals of zero – zero citations by OSHA, ever.

Our team at Dome Construction has been recognized year after year for safety success. We earned the CEA Safety Award for 13 straight years, including twice winning the CEA Presidents Safety Award. We are three-time winners of the NAWIC Safety Award. It’s not just anecdotal either – with an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .44, Dome is well above average amongst California construction businesses when it comes to reportable safety incidents.