Building communities throughbuilding people.

At Dome Construction, our goal is to be a leader in construction in the Bay Area, and we know the way to do that is to invest in our people. Whether it is culturally, socially or in regards to career development, life at Dome Construction is about recognizing the individual and helping them grow.

Everyone Is A Leader

At Dome Construction, we believe that everyone still has room to grow, and they should be provided the opportunities and guidance to do so. Every team member has the potential to become a leader, to learn and expand their toolset. From formal education to on-site mentoring, to innovative learning opportunities, we strive to make it so that all our team members can build foundations, and then build their careers on them.

Driven TowardsProgress

Adhering to the perception of what a General Contractor can be was never an option for us. We expect our team members to be thinkers, to be innovative, to solve problems and find the future of the industry. When you expect innovation and growth, you have to demonstrate it in everything you do, which is why Dome has always been driven to be progressive and ever-evolving.

Dome changed my perception of what a General Contractor can be, including what it’s like to work for one.
Dylan Jaedkte
Assistant Project Manager

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