We are builders.Successfully sofor 50 years.

When our clients seek our help repeatedly, that tells us that we are meeting our goal of transparency, reliability, and trust. In 2018, 210 of the 227 projects we were awarded – 93%, were from repeat clients. In fact, in each of the past 3 years, more than 93% of our projects have been repeat customers. We know that if we deliver amazing results, our clients come back to us time and time again.

Construction is more than installing building materials in accordance with plans. We lead project teams – design professionals, subcontractors, vendors, craftspeople, inspectors – by setting direction, aligning resources, planning, problem-solving and holding the team accountable to achieve project objectives. Our efforts and commitment all assure a successful outcome to the construction project. Many, if not most, of our competitors make the same claim, some rightfully so. So why is Dome Construction different? More than 90% of our business comes from repeat customers. That tells us that we are consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations and delivering on our promises.

Our Client’s loyaltyhas defined us sinceour inception.

Why are our Clients so loyal? Here is what they will tell you:

Integrity is demonstrated through transparency, and we execute with complete transparency – Clients are given complete visibility to all information for every aspect of their project. We don’t complain about challenges, we quietly and creatively overcome them. We find a way to get it done – our Clients praise us for consistently delivering a predictable outcome, whatever obstacles arise. Finally, the trust we earn thru transparency, the respect we garner by persevering, and the peace of mind we provide thru predictable outcomes when combined add up to a stress-free, even enjoyable, customer experience. Well, it’s as stress-free as you can make a construction project.

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