Our Promise OfQuality Continues.

Just because the paint is dry, doesn’t mean the project is done. The project is complete when it has delivered to the Client the benefit envisioned when the project was undertaken.

Time and again, we hear from our Clients that they appreciate how we understand their larger objectives, and accordingly assure that we deliver a complete, fully functional project that delivers on those objectives.

Eliminating SurprisesStarts With An EffectiveTurnover Plan.

Clear communication throughout all phases of a project is not just an important part of of quality and safety standards, but also of turning over projects quickly and smoothly. Using collaborative technology in the field, we manage close-out checklists, identify potential outstanding issues and immediately assign these to relevant team members so they can begin resolving the items right away.

We’re a commercial construction company that stands behind our work. Our post-construction goal is always to address any potential issues well before a project’s final completion date, including developing a turnover plan and training your facilities team on how to operate and care for your building.

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Our Clients appreciate the value we bring to table at this stage, and have noted that a source of their on-going loyalty is our commitment to their objectives – even, at times, at the expense of our desire to do a construction project.

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