Our People are Our Strength

It’s not just what we build that makes us the right partner to work with.

Dome employees remind us often that Dome is not like any other company they’ve worked for. From the inception of Dome, 50 years ago, the culture was rooted with a family-like philosophy and over the course of the years, we’ve been able to maintain it. Dome’s unwavering expectation of team respect, support, and encouragement results in a culture where the individual can thrive. Dome Construction has become a company with a great culture which naturally made us a company that turns out great projects, where employees are engaged and invested.

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Our clients describe us as innovators, communicators, and collaborators. At Dome, we are continuously finding ways to raise the bar and exceed your expectations of what a construction partner should be. That means ensuring that we share a common vision of what success looks like, and how to achieve it.


The reason our clients hire us is because they say our team brings together a unique mix of experience, innovation, and ideas drawn from the latest processes and technology. It’s a mix that is hard to beat and allows us to tackle cutting-edge projects that need a solid foundation yet need future-minded thinking that can help clients not just address their current needs but anticipate needs of the coming years.


Relationships built on trust rings true for our clients and employees alike. Construction is about people and how a space brings people together. At Dome, we're mindful of fostering an atmosphere where people collaborate freely, share ideas openly, and trust each other. We find projects come together much easier when these aspects jive. We also think you try just that little bit harder to please your clients when they seem like family to you.


We are always looking for the best and brightest to join our family.

Our employees say they choose Dome and continue to choose Dome year after year because of Dome’s family-like culture, the investment in career growth, and endless amounts of opportunity within the company. Are you looking for a place to call home, a partner that will invest in you and help you along your career path? A partner that will allow you to showcase your talents and knowledge, where you can tackle new challenges every day and grow as a person and a professional? If this sounds like you, you’re in luck because we are looking for YOU!

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