I have become an avid reader in the last 5 years. The goal is 8 books per year. I have really found value in reading biographies about leaders throughout history as well as some of the big ‘movers and shakers’ in the twentieth century.

People Highlights

Join us in celebrating Kevin Thomas in his new role as Director of Preconstruction at Dome Construction. In this new role, Kevin will continue working diligently every day to provide value to those around him as well as the companies who seek out Dome’s expertise. Making certain that his team has all the resources at their disposal to succeed and maintaining a strong overlap between the Preconstruction and Construction teams are some of the key responsibilities in Kevin’s role.

We asked Kevin what drew him to the construction industry. He replied, “How truly simple yet complex the industry is and moreover, how it all rides on trust. Many of the projects that Dome works on are the first of their kind. Sure, you can compartmentalize projects via scope and cost, but there is something to be said about the feeling of being directly involved in a research or manufacturing project that helped get a much-needed therapy to someone in the world.”

Dome values Kevin’s strong team-player mentality. He’s proud to say that when current or past clients receive phone calls inquiring about Dome Construction, they are excited to share their experiences. Kevin attributes his success to having a growth mindset in lieu of scarcity, continuing to be resilient and adaptable as new challenges and opportunities arise, and always being thankful for where he is and the opportunities he has at Dome Construction. Kevin appreciates the leadership at Dome for truly putting the people first. “Dome continues to provide incredible opportunities for those looking to advance their careers as well as those looking to raise families,” Kevin shared.

We asked Kevin for some advice. He shared, “Construction is a people industry. I would put an emphasis on making close relationships with trade partners, architects, and engineering firms because you will likely work with them again in the future. Always provide value before you ask for value.”

Did you know?

More About Kevin

How do you start your day?

Alarm goes off at 4:30 am proceeded by a quick workout and then gearing up for the day!

What are the three things you can’t live without?

Time with my wife and kids.  Sushi.  A round of golf.

If you could work on solving any problem in the world, what one problem would it be?

Intergalactic travel.

What's your dream vacation?

Anywhere where it's warm and near the ocean.