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Introducing JD Ahearn, Project Executive

It is our pleasure to announce JD Ahearn, Project Executive, to the Dome team.  

We sat down with JD to get a deeper look at where it all began for the healthcare executive and to gain more insight into his industry expertise. 

Seeking to understand is a core value for us here at Dome, and it also resonates with our new Project Executive, JD. His journey with construction began with his natural desire and curiosity for how things were built, “I was that kid who never stopped playing with his erector set! That love of construction went from wanting to build bridges and tall buildings to now wanting to work on impactful and essential projects to my community!” Developing this initiative to seek to understand at an early age has proved to be fruitful for JD throughout the years. JD also attributes his start in construction to his father, who exposed him to the industry at an early age. From that moment on, JD always seemed to gravitate toward construction. Like many of our Domites, JD attended Cal Poly earning his degree in Civil Engineering. He spent most of his time learning and absorbing as much industry knowledge as he could, “I worked summers, breaks, and weekends for a local contractor as a laborer and then carpenter to make money to get myself through school.” After graduating, JD went on to work at an engineering firm for five years before transitioning to the contracting side of the business. He reflects, “I first worked for a subcontracting company that specializes in cleanroom construction before moving into the General Contracting world.”  

One of the things our team was most impressed with, was JD’s experience with delivering complex healthcare facilities. One such project was the Mills Peninsula Hospital in San Mateo, “This project was a 35,000 sf OSHPD 1 behavioral health renovation. We needed to complete the project and be ready for licensing in 10 months to accommodate the closing of the existing facility at another campus.” This level of experience brought a new perspective on how JD could deliver these Healthcare projects. 

The New Mission Bernal Hospital in San Francisco is also a standout project for JD He spent five years on this 250,000 sf replacement hospital project where he was involved with everything from design to licensing. This high-level of involvement has broadened JD’s perspective and understanding when it comes to crafting complex healthcare spaces. 

JD has found the sweet spot where his passion for building and the ability to contribute to the greater good aligned. “We are building facilities were some of the greatest moments in life start and were some of the most difficult ends. We should always build with this in mind!” 

Looking ahead, JD has a positive outlook on the future of the healthcare sector. He believes, “The market sector is going to continue to lead the way in building smarter and more efficiently.” He also sees healthcare scaling down on project sizes, “Healthcare is going to be building less mega projects and more facilities that service all aspects of our health. One stop shopping!” Technology will also play a big part in the future of healthcare. JD shared, “Technology is going to continue to push this business in a great direction both in how we build and deliver healthcare.” 

JD has a strong tenure in construction, providing a unique perspective into our industry’s growth. Reflecting on our industry’s progress, JD is particularly impressed when it comes to Women in Construction. “This is an exciting and drastically changing time in our business, and I believe women are going to make the biggest impacts! When I started, there were no women in the office or field. I honestly believe if an organization does not have women in key leadership positions, they will be left behind. We need their diversity of thought to grow as an industry.” For JD, balancing work and family has been an evolution for him, “I used to say my goal was to have work-life balance! I no longer say that because, given my experience, it is impossible to maintain that balance. I now work to maintain work-life harmony, which helps me to reflect on both my family and work at the same time.” 

Looking ahead, JD is excited about returning to pre-pandemic life, meeting the Dome team in person, and continuing his journey at Dome. What he is most looking forward to is, “Using my past experiences to provide value and leadership while at the same time mentoring my teams at Dome!” JD ended our conversation with highlighting Dome’s efforts to be an industry leader in diversity and valuing their people, “Dome’s most significant strength is its commitment to being a company that is diverse in both people and thought. A company that still understands we are a people business built on relationships.” We are honored to have JD join our team to continue our efforts in building a company that values our people, always seek to understand, and do it right.  

More about JD

What are you happiest doing when you're not working?

Outside of work, my life revolves around my two children! I am blessed that my children share an interest biking, hiking, and being outdoors, just like my wife and I.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

A GoPro camera to my son for his seventh birthday. He uses it to film his skateboard and biking tricks! It is amazing.

What's your favorite '90s jam?


What is your dream vacation?

Spend a month in Northern Italy (Tuscany or Piedmont). I would rent a Villa, bring my bike, drink lots of wine, and eat good local food.

What specific activities do you engage in to keep yourself at your optimum level?

I engage in daily exercise and stretching to keep my mind and body in shape. It also allows me to clear my mind for that time.

What's the last thing you watched on TV?

Top Chef Portland! Love cooking shows.