Introducing Michael Jordan, Senior Project Manager in San Diego

We are excited to highlight one of the Dome team’s newest members, Michael Jordan. We welcome Michael Jordan with open arms to the San Diego office as a Senior Project manager. We are thrilled to have this construction vet on our team and look forward to learning from his valuable years in the industry.

Continuing His Passion For Construction

One of the best things about the construction industry is the opportunity each project presents. Our team members walk away from each job with a unique and new perspective. At Dome, we value this approach and appreciate all of the shared years of experience our team brings, making each job better than the last. One of our newest Domites, Michael Jordan, has eagerly shared his knowledge of the field from day one.

We sat down with Michael to understand more about his background and what brought him to Dome. Michael’s passion for the industry shined through with every answer. Knowing that Michael is wise beyond his years, we asked him that if given a chance to pass along his knowledge to a newcomer who was considering or wanting to enter this industry, what would he tell them? Michael answered, “Don’t be afraid of asking questions.  Spend time working in the field and learn from the trades.  Having the hands-on experience helps you better understand the construction processes and challenges.” Leaning on this way of working has been instrumental in Michael’s success and has been the cornerstone of his “work hard, play hard mentality.”

Lessons Learned Over the Years

For Michael, inspiration to work in the construction industry runs deep. What inspires Michael to be a part of the construction industry is the opportunity “to be part of a collaboration of people and to create something tangible that will be around for many years generations to see. The relationships you build by being a part of this industry and the fact that construction projects have a short life cycle where you can move on to another project and start over again.”

On every job, there will be obstacles and conflicts that need to be addressed. For Michael, when tricky things come up, he helps the team stay focused and motivated by reminding them “not to blame or point fingers when things are not going smoothly, encourage feedback and ideas to build team support when making decisions, and try to deescalate concerns or tensions among the team knowing that you will get through the bumps in the road.” Michael also does a great job of lending a hand to “help them understand that there will always be obstacles and conflicts and it’s how we come together as a team to address those obstacles is what is important.”

Being a leader comes with the responsibility of maintaining continuous improvement. For Michael, he continues to grow and develop as a leader by “understanding that I can’t do everything and more importantly that I don’t know everything.  Learn to trust and being a good leader means always continuing to grow and adapt.”

There Is No Place Like Dome

Dome was a clear choice for Michael when he saw the commitment Dome has to their people. “It’s easy for companies to say they value their people but experiencing this commitment first hand has made my decision to be part of Dome the right one.  The fact that they have been a technical leader in the construction industry for the last 50 years is icing on the cake.” We are very excited to have Michael on board and look forward to watching his knowledge and passion for the industry grow.  Welcome to the team Michael, we are very fortunate to have you!

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More About Michael

I’m happiest when cruising through the sand dunes in Glamis with my hair on fire, Jeeping through the rocks of Moab, UT to the trails at Big Bear, CA and  boating the vast waters of the Colorado River.

The pyramids in Egypt. The ability to build these in a time without modern day equipment and control tools is still a mystery.

My favorite meal would have to be Thanksgiving with oven roasted turkey.

I always imagined what it would be like to play football for the Minnesota Vikings.

Work hard to play hard because tomorrow is promised to no one!

Without a doubt a hunter!

I would love to be able to speak to dogs!