Our interview with the El Camino Project Team allowed us to look into how their work helps advance patient care.

Changing the lives of our community members is just one of the many reasons that our employees and clients choose Dome Construction. At Dome, we strive to create spaces that enhance the lives of our community members, employees, and clients.

Our Healthcare team is currently working towards completing a multiphase, equipment replacement project at El Camino Hospital, improving the facility that will provide patients with the care they need. The equipment installation includes Edge and Ethos Varian Systems, which offer advanced cancer treatment solutions to patients. The Edge system offers patients a fast, effective surgical option for treating tumors without incisions or the need for overnight hospital stays. In contrast, the Ethos System offers adaptive radiotherapy, allowing providers to personalize patients’ daily treatment plans. The installation of both systems will be among the first installations in the world. Phase 3 of this project is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed by early September 2021.

We took time to interview the Dome project team to learn more about their journey with the ECH project, the challenges they have faced, and what has attributed to the project’s success so far. The stellar project team consisted of Shane Flanagan, Clinton Parra, and Julie Parker, who described the project as fulfilling and engaging since day one.

Clinton Parra, Dome Superintendent, highlights how the team mitigated the unique challenge of working in an occupied space with immunocompromised patients by “using cutting-edge Infectious Controls products and full-time infectious controls monitoring.”  Our project team communicated with our trade partners to ensure that they aligned with the onsite infectious control protocols. Clarifying the importance of these guidelines was vital to ensure onsite safety.

Shane Flanagan, Senior Project Manager at Dome, credits the success of this project on spending the time to “Do It Right” from the start, “It is so important to spend the time to learn about your client, the facility, and the nuances of what makes the business unit operations. By collecting that information on the front end, you will be able to streamline the planning and coordination process, anticipate the needs of others and provide the best construction experience possible.” Clinton attributes our project success to “doing your homework, planning, checking and pivoting as needed.” Julie Parker, Assistant Project Manager, credits project success to planning early, “It’s never too early to start putting together the final testing & commissioning schedule and to make sure that you have all the right parties present for the discussions.”

At Dome, supporting our relationships is the root of our success. Shane shares that “our trade partners and relationships with trade partners are sacred to me. It is so important to constantly allow folks to provide feedback on our project performance, where we can improve, and make their workflow more efficient.” Clinton shared his philosophy for project success, “As the face of the company in the field, I always put our client needs at the forefront. Client needs only come second to Safety!” Julie explains how she prioritizes relationships on her projects, “You want to make sure the project team develops a rhythm that provides a level of comfort and trust.  You want to be able to walk away from the project and say I hope to work with that owner again on a future project, or I hope they would like Dome to be on their team for the next job.” Ultimately, the most rewarding part of the project for Clinton had the opportunity to contribute to better patient care. Julie says it well, “There is nothing more rewarding than walking away from a project that at the end of the day you know is having a positive impact on the community.”

The Client is very pleased with the work that the team has put in thus far, commenting, “the project is being delivered safely and effectively, and El Camino Health is very pleased with Dome’s performance and the outcome of the project. At El Camino Health, we strive to establish trusted, transparent, and fair relationships with our development partners. The importance of these three attributes cannot be overstated. Dome is a new development partner with El Camino Health and has demonstrated these traits.”

Congratulations to Shane, Julie, Clinton, and the rest of the project team for all of the hard work you’ve already put in. We look forward to seeing the final product!


Thank you to our Project Team