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We sat down with the project team from the recently completed Redwood LIFE amenity building, formerly known as the Bayshore Amenities Building, from Longfellow Real Estate Partners in Redwood City to learn more about the project and the people who made it happen.

It was immediately clear that the attention to detail involved in this project paid off big time. The result was a beautiful space that we all would like to spend sometime in–and outside of!

The team is grateful for the time they were able to spend appreciating the interior. Project Engineer Meghan Smith told us, “The most rewarding part of this project was hosting our holiday team lunch in the space and getting to tour our team around the beautiful space that we created. Everyone loved it!”

When asked, Meghan told us her favorite aspect “is the uniqueness of the coffee bar area. The hexagonal tile integrated with the wood flooring is super distinct! This project has so many incredible lighting fixtures and control switches as well.”

Superintendent Nick Ramirez echoed Meghan, saying his favorite aspect was also the coffee bar and the garage doors to the patio seating and workout area.

The Redwood LIFE Amenities Building seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for enjoying warm Redwood City summer days. Project Executive Ryan Young agreed, naming “the beautiful transition between inside and outside collaboration spaces” as his favorite aspect of the project as well.

Unforseen Victories

When we asked the team about challenges they faced, working during a pandemic was the obvious answer. “This project occurred during the peak of COVID, and so a big challenge that the team faced was material and shipping delays,” Meghan explained.

According to Ryan and Nick, figuring out how to build during a Pandemic and maintaining an up-to-date project schedule with tracking for all long lead items were the biggest challenges.

Ryan attributes the project’s success to their creative team, who worked together to solve the challenges caused by the pandemic. “Faced with long lead times, permit delays, etc., we had to get creative to work around all these obstacles.”

Meghan is grateful for her many lessons learned and thankful for the help Nick provided. “This was my first construction project ever, and having a superintendent like Nick to show me the ropes and answer all of my questions was very helpful. Having a superintendent who is dedicated to teaching a new project engineer about the means and methods of construction really contributed to my success on the project.” Meghan’s favorite part about working in construction is how much collaboration and communication are involved on a day-to-day basis.

Nick focused on making sure everyone was on the same page in the field, not showing stress, and staying positive all the way through to the final inspections.  When it comes to maintaining relationships, Nick recognizes the importance of staying in contact, asking for advice on other projects, and being very communitive as key, even after the project is complete.

More About The Dome Team

Meghan, Project Engineer, describes herself as adventurous, silly, and content. If she were ever stranded on a deserted island, she would be sure to bring a water filter, her Garmin, and some music! When she isn’t hard at work, Meghan spends her weekend’s backpacking in the mountains during the summer and skiing in Tahoe during the winter. When Superintendent Nick isn’t working, he loves to Fish bass tournaments.

We appreciate all their work on the Longfellow Redwood LIFE Amenities Building, and we’re thrilled to showcase it.