Staying safe on the job site year-round is of the highest importance to us here at Dome Construction. We pride ourselves in being one of the safest construction companies in California, which we achieve by constant refreshing and reminding.

Summer is one of the busiest periods of the year, with plenty of projects going on. It can be tempting to forego safety in order to complete projects faster and move on to the next one. That’s a danger you don’t want to take – safety is a year-round effort. Reinforce safety on your job site with some of our top tips!


Complacency is the prime cause of workplace accidents. By improving safety awareness, many accidents can be avoided. Work that is both well-planned and supervised will be safer and more effective. Employees should be alert and aware of all warning signs, tags, safety guards, protective devices, etc. Before any work is started, the workspace must be considered safe.


Every employee has the power to speak up about any possible hazards. Safety concerns can be addressed verbally or confidentially. All employees are encouraged to provide information on safety hazards, to request information or make suggestions without fear of reprisal or job discrimination. The more involved an employee is, the more opportunities they’ll find for new ways to ensure safety. Even minor suggestions can help to save lost time and serious injuries from occurring!


All new employees are required to attend an initial safety orientation and training. Employees are also provided training by Supervisors if they are assigned a new task for which training has not been received, or when new hazards are identified in the workplace. Weekly toolbox meetings provide opportunities for training new employees and to review specific job site hazards and safety procedures.


Dome strives to constantly expand its safety programs to ensure that we are using the most effective & up to date practices. Safety resources are continually utilized to provide the newest safety education. Along with training, recordkeeping is a large resource in improving safety programs. These records enable us to learn from past experiences and make the necessary corrections for future operations.


Job site hazards are identified by scheduled inspections, non-scheduled inspections and documented self-inspections. Inspections can be made by any person involved: employees, supervisors, a Corporate Safety Officer, a Project Owner Safety Representative, an Insurance Loss Control Representative or upper management.


Although proper precautions are always taken while on the job, accidents still may occur. If they occur, it is important to conduct proper investigations and focus on how to prevent the accident from reoccurring. All occupational injuries, illnesses or damage to equipment resulting from work performed by Dome Construction or its subcontractors are investigated. During an investigation, specific attention will be given to how to prevent this accident from re-occurring. Those findings are then communicated to all employees.


By constantly reinforcing the standards necessary for safe practice, employees are made more aware. Safety standards and expectations are communicated through postings, safety memos, and tailgate meetings. These daily, weekly and monthly methods ensure that safety information is reviewed and addressed at each job site. Along with these methods, safety is also discussed internally in our upper management meetings.


Job site safety is not limited to one person’s control. Every employee has a responsibility to be proactively safety-conscious. There’s always an open line of communication between all employees and Superintendents, Project Managers, the Corporate Safety Officer, and the Program Administrator. Dome has attained a safety-conscious reputation thanks to the efforts put in by employees at all levels.


Employees, we encourage you to speak up and stop work if you discover an imminent hazard. The Supervisor will dictate the immediate removal of any employee in danger and will not allow any resumption of work activities until the imminent hazard has been abated. Every employee’s safety is of extreme concern and is taken seriously.


All employees are advised that safe working conditions, safe work practices, and required personal protective equipment are mandatory and that safe practices will be enforced. Safety is not taken lightly and the severity of ignoring or neglecting our safety practices is reflected in potential repercussions.

So join us at Dome Construction in making sure that every job site is a safe one, and every worker gets back to their friends and family at the end of the workday. Make this summer your summer of safety, and see how it can last for seasons to come!