April 19th to April 23rd

Happy National Volunteer Week

Thank you for following along with us during National Volunteer Week as we highlighted some of the long-standing organizations we have worked with over the years! We are very fortunate to have created strong bonds with each organization in our continued effort to give back to our communities. We wanted to leave you with a quick highlight of each organization and more information on how you can get involved.

These organizations represent only a fraction of the partnerships that Dome partners with. We look forward to celebrating the spirit of volunteering, recognizing the impact of service, and continuing to build a stronger community!

Citizen Schools

Creates an environment for students to thrive with hands-on learning projects with mentors, coaches, and teachers.

To donate to this fantastic organization and to discover other ways to give, please visit: https://citizenschools.org 

All Stars Project

Focuses on helping inner-city young people build their lives and futures through hands-on mentorship and performance.

For more information on how to donate, volunteer, and get involved, please visit: https://allstars.org/donate/

A Home Away From Homelessness

Home Away has enriched the lives of thousands of children and youth impacted by homelessness, providing emotional, social, recreational, and educational support.

To learn more and donate to this outstanding organization, please visit: www.homeaway.org/donate

Urban Services YMCA

The Empowerment to Employment (E2E) program provides paid, comprehensive professional development and skills training for youth and employment placement various companies throughout the Bay Area.

To learn more about the Urban Services YMCA program and how to give back, please visit: https://www.ymcasf.org/give

Rooms of Hope

Surrounds children with love and co-creates the space of their dreams, may it be their bedroom, playroom, or other refuge away from all the medical tests and treatments they must endure at the hospital.

To learn how to support this organization, visit: https://roomsofhope.org/support-us/

Dome Construction Foundation

Check out the organizations we support

Dome Construction Foundation

A non-profit foundation dedicated to strengthening the fabric in our community starting from the inside out. For the full list of organizations that we partner with and how you can get involved, please check our Foundation page: