Every challenge is an opportunity, especially when you leverage it to learn and grow.

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Dome San Diego’s new Associate Director Rob Cruden has a passion for construction and problem solving and is dedicated to building a better future. Starting as a structural engineer, Rob brings a unique perspective to his new role supporting the well-being of the San Diego office. One of his key responsibilities is creating opportunities for his team to thrive in their environment by challenging them to build their skills and support their project teams. 

Rob’s career journey has been full of challenges and opportunities. In the past three years, he has successfully launched a new branch office for Dome and created growth in the San Diego market. With a focus on relationship-based building, Rob finds it rewarding to work hard for a client and their project knowing that they are committed to each other.

He believes that appreciating others and giving constructive feedback is something that is often overlooked in the industry. One of the career lessons Rob wishes to pass on is the importance of finding your passion and making it into your career. He also believes that the people you build with matter more than the project itself.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2024, Rob is eager to build off the momentum generated in 2023 and continue supporting core client accounts to help expand Dome in San Diego. Winning work and maintaining a healthy backlog is one of the biggest challenges faced by the team as they strive to maintain a competitive edge in a tough market. 

We look forward to the positive impact that Rob’s unique perspective and experience will continue to bring to the Dome team in San Diego. 

Did you know?

More About Rob

What is your current TV obsession?

Lately it has been a variety of comedy specials on Netflix, I watched a couple of Trevor Noah's shows and now I am flipping through all sorts of comedians. For shows, I recently binged Shrinking on AppleTV. There were so many great character types in that show.

What is the best way to decompress?

My favorite thing the last couple years has been as simple as watching the sunset.  I moved recently and was fortunate to get a place with a back patio and an unobstructed view to the west.  Somedays I find myself trying to race home for work so I can jump on the outdoor couch and just chill while the sun goes down.

What makes you smile the most?

This is a toss-up between my family and my dogs - but since my dogs cant read this, it has to be my family. My kids are all teenagers now so finding time with them is hard, but we enjoy the time we get!