Introducing Stephanie Yee

We are honored to highlight our beloved Office Operations Manager, Stephanie Yee, as we kick off our Women In Construction Week celebration!

Stephanie found a home at Dome well before she officially became a part of the Dome family. Stephanie first worked with Dome as a client, overseeing tenant improvement projects for a company in Downtown San Francisco. It was at the start of these construction projects that she began working alongside Ed Medeiros, Gianni Colombana, and Mike Firenze, and according to Stephanie, “You could say we all grew up together.”  

 After several successful projects with the Dome team, and after the company she was working for was sold, Stephanie was excited by the opportunity to join the Dome team; to her, it was a no-brainer. “My first and natural instinct was to seek employment with Dome, and the rest is history,” Stephanie goes on to explain. “I started as an Assistant Project Manager, then Department Manager for the Project Coordinators and more recently, Office Operations Manager for the Leadership Team.” 

With Stephanie’s ability to create long-lasting relationships and the commitment she has shown the team since day one, it is no surprise Stephanie has thrived here at Dome. She truly leads by example and lives by her advice she gives to others of “don’t sweat the small stuff and always keep a good sense of humor.” She not only shows up for our Dome family but also goes above and beyond for her family. As a dedicated mom, grandmother, and employee at Dome, one of the biggest challenges Stephanie has reflected on was being a single Mom. Stephanie explained, “Being a single mom with three kids, working two jobs to make ends meet. Nothing else even comes close!” Today, her three kids are grown, some with children of their own, living throughout the Bay Area close to Stephanie and her partner Bill.  

 Cheers to you, Stephanie, for your hard work and commitment to Dome throughout the last 21 years. You have made such an impact, and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate you today as we start Women in Construction Week. 

More About Stephanie

My mom is my Woman Warrior. She’s 94 years old and was driving until she was 88.

She uses Facetime and prefers to text versus talk on the phone. She had an Instagram account until recently when she posted something she shouldn’t have and upset a family member.

Balance is something that I’m always trying to create for myself and having a supportive partner goes a long way.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help; most folks are willing to help as long as you show interest, a willingness to learn, and humility.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall
– Confucious 

"Leadership is not about being the best.Leadership is about making everyone else better".– Tim Rhoades, Lighthouse