Introducing  Adrienne  Reyes

Our next spotlight for Women In Construction Week is honoring Dome Senior Project Manager, Adrienne Reyes.

Adrienne discovered her passion for construction by taking a chance in an unfamiliar industry. Adrienne joined Dome in 1998 in payroll, and within two years, she moved into operations as a Project Coordinator. Once there, Adrienne knew she found her home. With her dedication to learning and going the extra mile to take classes to increase her knowledge base, she worked her way up the career ladder, and in 2019 she landed in her current role as Senior Project Manager.

Over the years, Adrienne has learned that success is achieved when you work together and support each other. Being a woman in this industry, “you consistently have to prove yourself,” and having mentors and other’ guidance is the key to success as a woman in construction. In order to encourage more women to join us in the industry, Adrienne believes that “showing women how to be successful in this industry,” is the first step. According to Adrienne, “It doesn’t need to be a woman, it just needs to be someone who supports you, builds you up, and is willing to help you succeed.”

For Adrienne, those mentors who took her under their wing were two Superintendents, Vincenzo and Carlo Piazza. Because of the care and mentorship, Adrienne received from Vincenzo and Carlo, now when she isn’t running projects, she is working on a new Dome initiative, the Mentoring Program.  To Adrienne, “Providing training and mentoring to others, and watching their career growth through challenges and successes” has been the best and most rewarding part of Adrienne’s job at Dome.

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When I am with family, I focus on family and am present with them. When I am working, I am focused on work.

Challenges are an opportunity.

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