Dome's Newest Cleantech Client, FreeWire Technologies

Dome is honored to work alongside industry-leading companies helping them accomplish their unique missions. Today, we are excited to share a recently completed project with cleantech client, FreeWire Technologies. We are privileged to show the work we’ve done at their new world headquarters in Newark and share our drive to help them accomplish their innovative mission of reshaping the energy industry, leading us towards a greener, more electrified tomorrow.

Companies like FreeWire Technologies are crucial in helping California accomplish its goal to mitigate climate change and move towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. By 2035, California legislation has an ambitious plan to require all new cars sold to be zero-emission vehicles. This requires the industry to plan for the impacts the legislation is going to have on our infrastructure, and FreeWire has a product available today to begin addressing that.

What makes this such a special partnership is our mutual value of continuous innovation. As pioneers of innovative construction practices, Dome is committed to utilizing methodologies and technologies that push construction forward and create a more sustainable future. Dome is one of the leading builders in the technology and life science market, and now we’re establishing ourselves in another relevant market focused on planning for the future.

Meet the Dome Project Team!

Established in 2014, FreeWire Technologies specializes in electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions. From providing on-the-go electric vehicle charging to offering flexibility in power delivery, FreeWire allows businesses, communities, and individuals to embrace a future powered by clean, efficient, and accessible energy.

The big differentiator between FreeWire’s Boost Charger and other electric vehicle chargers is their “Future-Proof” design that is equipped to handle future charging demand needs. FreeWire’s Boost Charger is sustainable because of its integrated energy storage which is already built to temper the electrical demand of the grid once even more electric vehicles are on the road five to ten years from now. With their industry-changing projects and inspiring commitment to driving positive change, Dome is delighted to have FreeWire as one of our newest clients and privileged to work on one of FreeWire’s first and largest projects.

Project Manager Alex Sargiss was thrilled to work with FreeWire’s leadership, engineering, and operations teams to understand their vision and see Dome’s role in bringing it to life. Both John Colwell, Superintendent, and Matvey Chaban, Field Engineer, enjoyed working within the large 60K sf cold shell tilt-up warehouse, where the team transformed the space into new labs for R&D electric vehicle charging stations, manufacturing space for new chargers, warehouse space, and an office area. The team was proud to complete the project on time, within budget, and grateful for the valuable relationships they cultivated throughout the project.

Working with Dome as our construction partner for FreeWire's new headquarters, R&D, and manufacturing facility was an exceptional experience. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality were evident throughout the entire project,” said Martin Lynch, COO of FreeWire Technologies. “Dome's dedication to delivering excellence aligns perfectly with our mission at FreeWire, and their contribution has been instrumental in creating a state-of-the-art facility that will drive our innovation and growth for years to come."

Supply chain procurement impacts created some challenges for the team throughout construction. Alex shared that this has been a common problem for the industry since 2020. However, it was particularly impactful for this project, given the electrical upgrades needed to equip the original cold shell building with the proper electrical infrastructure to support FreeWire. With switchgear, transformer, and panelboards taking up to 30 weeks to procure, they had to be precise with how the project was permitted and phased to meet FreeWire’s move-in schedule. Acquiring permits and long lead time items also challenged the team to work vigilantly. John shared that the Dome team worked well together, streamlining communication with the group of engineers and architects assigned to the project when faced with any challenge on the project.

One of Alex’s highlights from the project was attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which unveiled the completion of the engineering labs and warehouse space to all FreeWire employees. For Matvey, he values the professionalism the Dome leadership and trade partners showcased on this project. John was grateful for the opportunity to forge connections with each of the project’s trade partners, and to work alongside his outstanding project teammates, Alex Sargiss, Matvey Chaban, and Jess Mendoza.

Congratulations to everyone who made this project a success!