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Dan Dickson, Dome's New Group Superintendent

Dan Dickson’s promotion to Group Superintendent at Dome is a momentous occasion worth celebrating. With unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership skills, Dan has proven himself to be the ideal candidate for this new role. As one of Dome’s Group Superintendents, he plays a vital role in the growth and development of our Field Professionals, ensuring the safe and efficient execution of work.

The Group Superintendent position, created four years ago, is a significant investment in our Field Team. Dan’s responsibilities include nurturing talent and cultivating Industry-Leading Superintendents. He provides opportunities, coaching, and resources to help our people become exceptional leaders in their field.

Looking ahead, Dan is enthusiastic about strengthening the capabilities of Dome’s Field Professionals, equipping them with the necessary tools for successful project execution.

The best part of my job is connecting with people that build, I loved my time running work as a superintendent. I find myself missing that deep level of connection that you get running a jobsite, but with my new role I get to work with and impact a larger group of people at Dome and I love it!

Dan’s journey to Group Superintendent is a result of seizing opportunities and just saying “yes” since joining Dome 10 years ago.

“Over the first few years at Dome I can remember saying “yes” to all opportunities that came my way. Looking back, I realize those opportunities to get involved allowed me to gain experience and leadership within Dome.”

Viewing leadership as a craft, Dan continually seeks feedback, learns from mentors, and reads extensively on the topic. His ability to deeply connect with others empowers collaboration and teamwork.

His commitment to growth and service, along with the support of mentors and the relationships he built within Dome, paved the way for this natural transition.

Dan lives in Novato with his wife Emily, and their three children (who can all tell you the ingredients in concrete)!

Congratulations, Dan Dickson, on your well-deserved promotion to Group Superintendent. Your dedication to developing outstanding leaders and your commitment to service will undoubtedly contribute to Dome’s continued success.

Interesting Facts

About Dan

What Makes You Smile?

I’m a huge fan of babies. If we’re at a party and there’s a baby, you can bet that I’m trying to hold that baby! Having a baby smile at you, feels like you’re doing something right.

What is your Motto or Mantra?

Same Team! (Credit to Jerry Chavez)

If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

I would switch places with one of our Superintendents running a project. The thought of running work again is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!

What is your current favorite piece of clothing that you own?

I love my Irish Setter Wingshooter boots. I typically only wear them 7 days a week and I’ve ordered the same ones for almost 15 years now. I’ll wear them with shorts, pants or overalls. They compliment any outfit and are always comfortable.