Here at Dome Construction, we know all about milestones and we’ve got a big one to share. This year, 2019, Dome celebrates our 50th year of business!

Dome is celebrating by unveiling our new digital identity, the centerpiece being a new, dynamic website. With a clean, fresh and contemporary aesthetic, Dome’s new website reflects our diverse expertise and highly collaborative culture, while also embracing our rich legacy.


Celebrating a history that began in 1969, Dome started with a vision for developing a thoughtful, sustainable construction business with core values deep rooted in a people-first philosophy.

Dome has evolved through five decades, hundreds of successful client relationships and an increasingly enviable project portfolio. Today, the company employs more than 300 people in 5 regional offices, with clients representing a diverse range of market sectors.

In our 50th year, Dome Construction might look a little different from what founders Anton Bley and Bill D’Atri first created, but our core principles remain the same. We value our people above all else, we continually seek to understand our goals so that we can do it right the first time. Through our relationships, we obtain our vision of being the contractor of choice for our clients, employees and vendors.



A crucial part of seeking to understand is listening. The ability to understand our clients is a large part of Dome’s success, and that’s why we’re unveiling our new website. It’s not just something pretty to impress you (but it is pretty!), it’s meant to be one more way for us to reach our clients, employees, and future employees. We want to give you everything we can—every avenue possible—to reach out, and we’re here to listen.

Dome’s website distills our message and our values into something simple and handsome. We want you to feel like you know us before you even ask a question. For that reason, you can find our company philosophy, our people, our projects, and even an interactive timeline going back all the way to that living room in 1969. Feel free to access the website on any of your devices—it’ll work perfectly across all platforms.



“We don’t like to make the choice between form and function at Dome Construction. We’d rather find the golden ratio between the two,” said Mark Bley, the President and CEO of Dome Construction. “We instill that in our philosophy when we work alongside our clients. And we’d like to think it shows in our work. Our new website is meant to achieve that—a ratio of form and function that we think represents our brand, from when it started back in 1969 all the way through today.”

Here’s to 50 years in the construction business, and many more to come!