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Dome’s Hard Hatted Woman

Dome's Hard Hatted Woman, Kara HermannKara Hermann, an MEP specialist here at Dome is also a singer/songwriter who writes songs about construction, empowering women, and healing (physical and emotional). To celebrate Women in Construction Week 2024, employees of Dome joined in to film this fun video for “Hard Hatted Woman”. Women in Construction Week celebrates the contributions of women in an industry historically dominated by men. This annual event provides a platform to spotlight the accomplishments, expertise, and resilience of women who have paved the way in construction,…

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Kevin Thomas, Dome’s New Director of Preconstruction

I have become an avid reader in the last 5 years. The goal is 8 books per year. I have really found value in reading…

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Ryan Young, Dome’s New Shareholder

What I appreciate most about Dome is that we are all about providing opportunities for our employees and that is what fuels our growth. Our core values “value people”, “seek to understand” and “do it right” really resonate with me. People Highlights Join us in celebrating Ryan Young in his new role as director and shareholder at Dome…

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Meet our newest Project Executive, Kacie Young!

Meet our newest Project Executive, Kacie Young!We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Kacie Young, who will take on the Project Executive role for our San Francisco team. Let’s learn more about Kacie and her role within our organization. As our Project Executive, Kacie’s primary focus is ensuring success across the board. Coordinating various teams, Kacie will balance expectations from all stakeholders, including clients, subcontractors, and internal team members. Safety and compliance are paramount to Kacie, ensuring a risk-free work environment for our workers.…

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