Introducing Kimberly Sowers, Project Executive

It is our pleasure to announce Kimberly Sowers, Project Executive, the newest addition to our South Bay Team.

Opening new doors

Kimberly’s story and the path that lead her into the construction industry are unlike most. “As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. My extended family is filled with health care professionals, and I was inspired to help others. When it came time to pick a major in college, the selection was obvious, pre-med. I continued down that path through graduation.” But Kimberly’s route to becoming a doctor shifted after a life-changing conversation with her uncle about ‘why she wanted to be a doctor.’ A conversation that made her rethink her path and look at career alternatives. As she explored her options, Kimberly had a quick stint as a county biologist before landing at one of her family member’s commercial construction companies. She was always intrigued about how things were constructed, and her undergrad courses provided all the prerequisites for a position as a Project Engineer.

Finding her true passion

Her passion for the Industry was sparked while working on her first healthcare project, realizing quickly that Construction was where she was meant to be. “My first assignment was a healthcare project; the renovation of an existing children’s hospital, which seemed fitting given my admiration for healthcare. Within a few months, I knew that I found the career that I was meant to be part of. It was challenging, fast-paced, dynamic, and rewarding,” Kimberly recalls.

Kimberly’s dedication and eagerness to learn more about the Industry made her decide to enhance her educational background. She enrolled in the Construction Management certificate program at UC Berkeley, completing the program within two years. “Looking back, even though I didn’t follow the most linear path, the common theme remained the same, help others and make a difference. While it isn’t through operations or treatments, I am part of an industry that builds better and more efficient facilities to help the communities in which they serve,” Kimberly states.

Over the years, as Kimberly grew professionally in her career, she started taking on more challenging projects. “As a young Project Manager, I was assigned a complex mechanical infrastructure upgrade project at one of the largest operational hospitals in the Bay Area. At this point in my career, I was not familiar with technical projects. I was not familiar with the language, the various components, and I was out of my comfort zone. Rather than raising a ‘red flag’ and surrendering, I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge set. I surrounded myself with subject matter experts, asked many questions, and studied the systems’ details. I devoted myself to making this project a success for my client and a success for my career development. I was constantly challenged and tested by others but remained confident in my abilities.” Without a doubt, Kimberly considers this project to be a huge turning point in her career.”It was the first time that I went from behind the scenes to front and center, coordinating and setting direction with all members of the project team, including owner representatives and facility managers.”

Shaping the future of Construction

We were curious about Kimberly’s thoughts on how Construction in the Bay Area will look in the future. Through our conversation with Kimberly, we asked her opinion, to which she noted, “The Bay Area is home to leading businesses in technology and manufacturing and top-rated health care facilities. These areas will continue to expand, diversify, and adapt to the changes we have been faced with. Our Industry will continue to be challenged to design and develop some of the most profound spaces that will continue to add to the ever-changing Bay Area landscape.”

As a woman working for over 13 years in the Construction Industry, Kimberly shared that the most notable change she has seen in the field since she started is growth. “When I first started in Construction, it was common for me to be the only female on the project, including designers. Now it is the opposite. While the number of women in Construction compared to men remains disproportionate, our presence is much more notable and respected.”

Kimberly’s inquiring mind, curiosity to learn, and devotedness to her career and team have made her an exceptional leader who, undoubtedly, leads by example. Kimberly finished with this valuable statement to all men and women who are considering entering this Industry, “Construction is an amazing industry that provides the canvas to create something bigger than anything that you could create individually.”

We are thrilled to welcome you to our team, Kimberly. We cannot wait to watch you as your story builds here at Dome alongside our South Bay Team!

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More About Kimberly

What are you happiest doing when you are not at work?

When I’m not at work, I’m happiest outdoors. Whether it’s going on a hike or a walk around the block, I enjoy being in the open air, taking a break from the hustle and bustle.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

My youngest turned six last week, and she has been begging for a Barbie Dreamhouse for close to a year. Despite the anxiety that her barbies and all of their tiny accessories bring me, seeing her face light up when she received this gift was priceless. I’ll have to remind myself of that happiness when her room is a complete Barbie mess.

Choose a song you could play for the rest of your life.

Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Such a great song and my kids love singing along to it.

Where can we find you on Sunday mornings?

At Target. As a busy Mom, I frequent the “one-stop-shop” and find Sundays to be the less busy day of the weekend to knock out my shopping list.

What's the most exciting thing about you that's not on your resume?

The best thing about me is my three children and our amazing family. 

What's your motto or mantra?

Make the most of every opportunity.