Extended the lifespanof your building byyears or even decades.

The commissioning and start-up of your project is merely the precursor to years of use. A truly successful project needs to run efficiently, be managed appropriately, and increase its value for your business or portfolio. Who better to provide services for your building than the company that helped to design, engineer, construct and commission it?


Whether it’s expected deterioration through aging, general wear-and-tear, or abuse, your project will need to be cared for and protected over its life cycle. The right facilities services, performed by a team that knows your facility inside and out, can extend its life cycle by years or even decades.
Our team at Dome Construction are experts in facility-related work, ranging from minor interior renovations and upgrades to extensive repair and restoration projects. Our areas of expertise equip us to specialize in working in cleanrooms and controlled environments as well as open areas. Our experienced teams draw from decades of knowledge, to fix outages and make emergency repairs to keep your facility up and running. Our excellent safety record and reputation for taking all necessary project challenges allows us to tackle facility services projects while limiting tenant or business impact. Or, we’re ready to take on large projects if you’re able to shut down for a period.

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Dome Construction is ready to tackle your Facility Services needs, from minor maintenance to complete restoration.

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