A look into our recent work with UPSIDE Foods' Engineering, Production, and Innovation Center (EPIC)

We are excited to share our work with one of the world’s most advanced cultivated meat facilities! Located in Emeryville, California, Dome Construction built out this unique 53,000 square foot space into a state-of-the-art, sustainable cell-based meat research and development facility capable of producing 50,000 pounds/year of the finished product, with a future capacity of more than 400,000 pounds per year. Renovations included process development space, laboratory space, development areas including tech dev and a fab shop, warehouse/mechanical space, and an existing loading dock area. The production will segregate the space into two parts: upstream processing, FDA regulated, and downstream processing, USDA regulated.

Their new facility is located in an urban area filled with residences and restaurants and hopes to establish meat production as a proud part of the community, enabling neighbors and the public to see first-hand how cultivated meat is made.

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