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Andy Giessner, Dome’s New Shareholder

Join us in celebrating Andy Giessner on his new role as director and shareholder In his new role, Andy will oversee a talented team of construction professionals in Dome’s South San Francisco and Thousand Oaks Offices.

Andy Joined Dome in 2008 as an MEP Specialist with the vision to continuously improve Dome’s culture and footprint throughout the Bay Area. Before joining Dome, Andy completed a five-year electrician apprenticeship and worked for a Bay Area Electrician company.

Throughout his career, Andy had been mentored by several mentors and expresses gratitude for the valuable lessons he learned “most of my managers, from when I started in Construction to now, have been great leaders that I have learned from and can attribute some of my success to them.”

He recognizes the significance of this dynamic as he continues his role as a leader and shareholder at Dome. Andy’s personal drive stems from his dedication to the team, he states, “my commitment to the team is what motivates me. As one of the leaders of Dome Construction, I feel that our team members put their faith and trust in us to give them the tools they need to be successful.”

Dome has continuously provided him unique opportunities that have played a role in his professional growth:

Over the years at Dome, I have been fortunate to access leadership coaching and training sessions. While the immediate impact may not have been apparent, it has all contributed to shaping me into the leader I am today.

When asked about his aspirations and outlook for his new position, he emphasized his commitment to nurturing and empowering his team. To not only meet the demands of their clients, but to encourage them to continue to grow and provide them with an opportunity to flourish in their roles.

Andy’s Drive and commitment to the betterment of those around him have taken him a long way in his career, and we are lucky to be a part of his journey. We cannot wait to see what Andy does with this new opportunity!

Did you know?

More About Andy

What Makes You Smile?

It has changed over the years, but right now it is watching my children have success.

What is your Current TV Obsession?

At the moment it is Succession, but I am also addicted to the show Gold Rush.

Who Is Your Favorite Animated Character?

Donald Duck – I always enjoyed that while he is a frustrated hot head on the outside, on the inside all he cares about are his friends and family.

If You Could Only Eat One Meal Every Day, What Would It Be?

Just take me to the taqueria! If I could I would be a regular at one of the many taquerias in SF Bay Area.