President and CEO, Rob Lynch, outlines Dome's expansion into the San Diego market.

Opportunity is the measure of success at Dome Construction. The cycle begins with our committed teams delivering hard target project goals while providing an exceptional customer experience. In return, our Clients provide further opportunities to continue our business relationship, which, in turn, allows our team members to grow and achieve in their careers. This cycle of opportunity is the foundation of Dome’s sustained success since 1969, and what we build upon as we grow as an organization.


I am pleased and proud to announce the opening of our San Diego office. We are furthering our commitment to supporting and expanding the cycle of opportunity with our business partners and our team.


Dome Construction’s philosophy remains unchanged since our founding: to create a transparent, innovative, and sustainable construction business with its fundamental values rooted in a people-first approach. Over the past five decades, Dome Construction has been and continues to be recognized as one of the leading contractors in California, offering construction services for clients across the Life Science, Technology, Healthcare, Commercial Interior, Education, Retail, Mixed-Use and Hospitality sectors.

We will always be distinguished by our ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, and trade partners. We have always known that a successful project is more than just completing the work on time and under budget. It is about the experience our business partners have with our team.


Building relationships is at the forefront of our culture. Dome’s 5-year average of repeat and referral-based customers comprise 94 percent of our business. As we establish ourselves in the San Diego community, we look forward to building new relationships and continuing to cultivate our long-term business partnerships.


A company nearly 350 people strong across six regional offices throughout California,  Dome Construction’s expansion into San Diego, offers additional opportunities for our people to grow. We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset, promoting individual growth through education, recognition, encouragement, support, and respect. Great teams are built on trust, communication, and fairness, and these are qualities we endeavor to embody as we serve the San Diego business community.


Dome Construction has always believed and been dedicated to giving back to our communities, embodying a philanthropic culture we live by that was established over five decades ago. Over the last several years, we have been able to distribute more than 4 percent of our profits to charitable organizations. We take pride in being a valued member of the communities we serve, and we are eager to continue to do the same in San Diego.


As Dome Construction moves into this exciting next chapter in San Diego, we are looking forward to creating new relationships and expanding our existing partnerships to continue delivering successful projects.


Our team would like to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Rob Cruden, our newly appointed San Diego Project Executive, to learn more about our office opening.

Rob LynchPresident & CEO


Rob Cruden

Project Executive

John Tontz

Project Manager

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