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    Dome Construction was established over 50 years ago. The company was founded on principles centered on integrity, transparency, and a commitment to doing things right.

    In the past five decades, we’ve grown to be one of California’s most recognizable construction companies with a deep understanding and expertise in Commercial Interior, Life Sciences, Technology, and Healthcare building. Our clients range from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups who value relationships, culture, and transparency. Year over year, the percentage of our work performed for repeat clients averages greater than 90% of our overall business – relationships run deep and are long-lasting.

    At Dome, we believe that passion is as necessary as hard skills and talent, and why we seek team members who are curious, collaborative, and ready for a challenge. If you want to be part of something exceptional, we would love to meet you.

    Overview of the Position

    The Superintendent will report to the V.P. of Field Operations and is responsible for the successful execution of the project in terms of cost, schedule, quality, and safety relative to field operations.

    The Superintendent will serve many functions including:

    Management & Administrative

    • Develop and implement a project specific logistic plan for site staging, access, flows, safety, signage and security. Establish protocols for visitors and sub mobilizations as they occur.
    • Coordinate with Project Manager or designee to assure that subcontractors have met the required Compliance (Subcontract, Insurance) provisions prior to mobilization
    • Conduct weekly subcontractor coordination meetings as follows
    • Prepare agenda and address any “HOT” critical path items or topics. Advance preparation to include reviewing all items to be discussed and emphasized
    • Safety discussion, to include adherence to safety procedures as identified, as well as hazard identification & remediation, etc.
    • Produce, review and distribute meeting minutes with support of Project Coordinator or Project Engineer in such a form that is applicable and appropriate for the project.
    • Distribute and review weekly Rolling Schedule in appropriate detail with focus on the critical path. Must be proactive in looking at upcoming activities.
    • Review RFI, Submittal and PCO logs at the subcontractor level with emphasis on schedule critical items.
    • Identify and resolve of field conflict / coordination issues.
    • Setup and conduct pre-installation meetings as required to work-out associated coordination, safety, staging and access concerns.
    • Document project conditions with periodic project photos. Photos should be taken of (E) conditions prior to construction activity, and then no less that weekly through project completion.
    • Route all required correspondence to the Main Office in a timely manner for documents such as time sheets, purchase orders, daily construction reports and incident


    • Development of the project specific safety manual with support from the Project Coordinator, Project Engineer or Project Manager. Request support from the Corporate Safety Director as needed.
    • Execution of the Job Start-up check list upon site mobilization to ensure all safety elements are in place prior to field activities.
    • Assure strict adherence to all relevant and legally required safety posting and Right-to-Know – MSDS requirements.
    • Direct labor to implement/install and maintain safety elements as required.
    • Review and approval of all pre-task plans by subcontractors and Dome personnel. Delegate this activity as appropriate and monitor daily.
    • Conduct weekly safety meetings with all mobilized subcontractors.
    • Enforce safety procedures and address any violations per the project specific safety manual. Take disciplinary action as required and allowed per Company policies.
    • Conduct weekly safety inspection with or without Corporate Safety Director or on-site safety officer.
    • Report to Safety Director immediately and document all incidents within 24 hours of occurrence.

    Document Control

    • Maintain all permit documents and current construction documents at the jobsite. Shall be directly responsible for updating of drawings or delegate appropriately to others such as a Project Engineer.
    • Produce thorough daily construction reports with particular focus on the following information:
    • Head count of Dome staff & subcontractor trades by discipline.
    • Description of self-performed work and work by sub trades. Document any OT or DT hours worked and by whom.
    • Document any owner and designer directives received.
    • Document any cases for back charges by offending subcontractors
    • Document any issues causing potential schedule delays or cost impacts. Project Manager shall be notified immediately if such issue occurs.
    • Document any notifications of cost or schedule impact received by subcontractors. PM shall be notified immediately if such notification is received.
    • When applicable, collect daily reports from major subcontractors to act as attachments to the Dome Construction daily report.
    • Conduct weekly review of subcontractor as-built drawing updating to ensure timely capture of information especially prior to any cover-up.


    • Develop the baseline project Master Schedule along with the assigned Project Manager. Must buyin to the schedule prior to initial release and distribution.
    • Manage to meet or exceed the Master Schedule objectives. All subcontractor mobilizations, activity performance, self-performed work, jurisdictional inspections, etc. shall all be communicated and executed in accordance with the schedule. Understand the project critical path.
    • Communicate and drive the project schedule in weekly Subcontractor Meeting via the Rolling Schedule and obtain subcontractor updates and buy-in.
    • Update the schedule in MS-Project or provide the Project Manager / Project Engineer with weekly updates for status updating and adjusting the Master Schedule.
    • Document and communicates any schedule delays timely to Project Manager for notification to the client and/or designer.

    Cost Control

    • Participate in Estimating Turnover – Project Kick-Off meeting and obtain a full understanding of overall project estimate.
    • Obtain thorough knowledge of each sub trades contractual obligations, including detailed subcontracted scopes of work, exclusions and qualifications, prior to subs arrival on site. This will enable the Superintendent to understand what work is out of scope so that change orders are identified, quoted and authorized accordingly.
    • Utilize project specific phase coding for all material purchases and time charges to assure proper cost coding required for accurate cost projections.
    • Obtain weekly labor reports and review. Manage labor in accordance with budget and when applicable develop and recommend corrective action if labor costs are trending to exceed budget.
    • Participate with Project Manager in the development of monthly cost projections.
    • Review all tags presented by subcontractors and determine whether or not the work is a legitimate extra. If legitimate, a PCO/ICO number must be assigned immediately, and then the tag should always be signed and qualified with the Dome stamp. If not legitimate, the tag should be rejected when presented with the reason written onto the tag. If disputed, the Project Manager shall be notified immediately to assist in resolution.
    • Assist Project Manager or designee with the review and verification of monthly subcontractor pay applications.

    Quality Control

    • As an agenda item for the pre-installation meetings, discuss quality control requirements as identified in the contract documents.
    • Conduct periodic quality control inspections to assure installed work adheres to contractual quality requirements. Document these inspections.
    • Participate in the identification of punchlist items prior to formal punchlist walk-thru’s. Expedite the correction of punchlist items with subcontractors and back-check completion status prior to formal final walk-thru with Owners/Architects.


    • Participate in all training sessions offered by Dome Construction such job specific development, presentation skills and technical sessions on various disciplines.
    • Be diligent in development of skills and knowledge as able through on the job exposure.


    • Must have strong working knowledge of all disciplines, particularly CSA trades, to resolve challenges, conflicts, design issues, etc. promptly and/or through assistance of specialists as required.
    • Appropriate knowledge of MEP disciplines is required for the coordination and verification of MEP installation progress. A Dome MEP specialist if assigned to your project will complement your responsibility in this area in dealing with complex issues and commissioning.
    • Must have the ability to read and understand all plans and specification for each trade and enforce sub compliance with said documents.
    • Must have basic computer skills and be familiar with Microsoft Outlook and Office.

    Personal Skills:


    • Behaves ethically and does not rationalize unethical behavior. Never compromises integrity in response to adverse circumstances, situations or individuals.
    • Acts with transparency towards customers, employees and management.
    • Acts with transparency towards customers, employees and management. o Does what is right, not what is expedient when it comes to “gray” areas or situations where “no one will notice”.


    • Committed to a safety culture, never compromising safety due to budget, schedule or quality constraints.
    • Demonstrates safety awareness and incorporates into daily/weekly/monthly planning and activities.
    • Calls attention to unsafe conditions & practices.


    • Personally accountable – follows through on obligations and commitments. Dependable.
    • Drives accountability from entire team; utilizes procedures & best practices to promote accountability in a proactive, positive manner.
    • Overcomes roadblocks – resourceful & thinks creatively to meet commitments and achieve positive outcomes.


    • Gravitates towards collaboration to solve problems or build alignment.
    • Builds and maintains trusting relationships. Builds rapport well – empathetic, approachable, and humble.
    • Communicates with a respectful, professional demeanor and a positive, can-do attitude.
    • Listens attentively. Able to “play back” other persons point of view.
    • Focuses on situations, issues or behaviors and not individuals.
    • Never uses e-mail to initiate / resolve conflict, or negotiate.


    • Questions actions inconsistent with our values.
    • Speaks openly and honestly, even if it is controversial.
    • Effectively delivers “bad news” in a timely manner. Maintains composure under adverse situations.
    • Possesses the ability to make tough decisions and take smart risks – not afraid of failure.

    Customer Focus

    • Establishes “partner” relationships with customers, gains their trust and respect.
    • Actively seeks to understand customer expectations and solicits feedback. Provides solutions that align with expectations.
    • Win-Win oriented – seeks results in the best interest of both Dome and our business partners.
    • Takes responsibility for ensuring any issues raised by customers are responded to promptly.

    Continuous Improvement

    • Curious in nature. Seeks to understand our industry, strategies and business partners.
    • Continuously optimizes work processes and improves personal skills.
    • Accepts and adjusts quickly to feedback. Not rigid intellectually, emotionally or interpersonally.
    • Proactively participates in 1:1’s, sets & achieves goals and attends trainings.
    • Consistently voices concerns in a constructive manner and offers solutions.


    • Doesn’t wait to be told what to do – never feels “that’s not my job”.
    • Acts independently and reports routinely. Does not avoid accountability through escalation.
    • Effective at setting & communicating priorities. Demonstrates a sense of urgency in performing top priorities.


    • Aligns with Core Values, Purpose and Vision through words and actions. Sets example for others.
    • Identifies and proactively confronts critical developments, dysfunctions or performance issues.
    • Acts as a change agent – removes obstacles and encourages new ideas; aligns new ideas and strategies with our Core Values and Purpose.
    • Selfless – puts larger interest above own – channels ambition into the company and not oneself.
    • Acknowledges and uses delegation as the vehicle for personal and team development. Empowers and mentors team to attain higher levels of performance.

    The Ideal Candidate would have:

    • 5-10 + Years of field construction experience in commercial and industrial construction projects, or
    • B.A. in Construction Management with 5+ years of field construction experience.

    Job Snapshot

    • Employee Type:
    • Location:
      • Thousand Oaks, CA
    • Job Type:
      Site Workforce
    • Experience:
      Not Specified

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