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    Dome Construction is one of California’s most recognizable construction companies founded over 50 years ago. With a deep understanding and expertise in Commercial Interior, Life Sciences, Technology, and Healthcare building sectors, our clients range from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups. We were founded on principles centered on integrity, transparency, and a commitment for doing it right. We didn’t just want to do things right; we wanted to do things even better, and differently. Our vision was clear to be Your Contractor of Choice not only for clients, our trade partners, and most importantly our employees.

    Clients tell us our superpower is to keenly understand their needs, envision, and deliver. Our work performed for repeat clients in any given year averages greater than 90% of our overall business – relationships run deep and are long-lasting.

    At Dome, we believe that passion is as necessary as hard skills and talent, and why we seek team members who are curious, collaborative, and ready for a challenge. If you want to be part of something exceptional, then we would love to meet you.


    Overview of the Position

    The Project Manager reports to Chief Operating Officer and/or Focus Group Leader. A function of executive leadership, the project manager provides the cohesive force that binds together all the diverse elements of a project into a team effort for project completion.

    Performance Measures

    • Oversees and manages all aspects of the construction process including:
      1. The project scope.
      2. Comprehensive safety plan.
      3. Contractual accordance.
      4. Project cost.
      5. Project schedule.
      6. Project risks.
      7. Project resources.
      8. Communications.


    • Provides and maintains the consistent force of structure and efficiency necessary to lead the project through to completion, drawing upon management skills, leadership skills, and company procedures as follows:
      1. Planning and budgeting.
      2. Organizing and staffing.
      3. Controlling and problem-solving.
      4. Setting direction.
      5. Aligning people.
      6. Motivating and inspiring.


    • Contracts
      1. Has complete understanding of Owner contract.
      2. Assists estimator or at times buys-out trade contractors and writes subcontract work scopes.
    • Preconstruction: assists estimator with coordination of pricing, scheduling and planning, site investigation, and subcontractor coordination as required.
    • Scheduling
      1. Prepares, monitors, and updates Master Schedule.
      2. Establishes critical dates with owner (e.g. NTP, construction start, substantial completion, validation, etc.)
      3. Identifies and tracks long lead items, project milestones, and understands critical path activities.
      4. Oversees superintendent update of two-week rolling schedule.
      5. Documents delays to project.
      6. Prepares look-ahead rolling schedules weekly.
    • Change Orders
      1. Identifies and formalizes changes in the project.
      2. Reviews quotes for fairness and accuracy.
      3. Prepares estimate of Dome’s change order work.
      4. Assembles and submits complete, accurate change requests in accordance with owner contact requirements. Expedites approval of change orders.
      5. Assembles and notifies all parties of approved change orders in accordance with owner contract requirements.
      6. Writes subcontractor change orders.
    • Submittals
      1. Maintains submittal schedule
      2. Receives, reviews, and expedites submittals from subcontractors and vendors.
      3. Reviews and processes submittals.
      4. Maintains outstanding submittal log and expedites review of submittals.
    • RFI’s
      1. Works with superintendent and project team in issuing RFI’s.
      2. Maintains outstanding RFI log and expedites RFI answers.
    • Drawings
      1. Reviews and understands construction drawings and helps spot any potential coordination problems or missing information.
      2. Tracks and distributes addenda and bulletins accordingly (see 4. Change Orders).
      3. Tracks changes and helps project manager price out changes (see 4. Change Orders).
    • Weekly Construction Meetings
      1. Prepares agenda, schedules, logs, or other documents for distribution. Takes and distributes minutes at owner/architect meetings, subcontractor meetings, staff meetings, etc.
      2. Follows through on action items.
    • Project Team
      1. Assists superintendent and project team in the implementation of Dome policies and the execution of the project.
      2. Organizes the duties of other engineers, project coordinators, project accountant and other assigned project staff.
      3. Provides direction, prioritization, performance feedback and coordination to ensure all job duties and project requirements are fulfilled.
      4. Organizes the duties and responsibilities of subcontractors.
    • Claims Work: lead effort to identify and resolve all project claims, such as subcontractor claims for extras, insurance losses, personal injuries, etc.
    • Financial Reports:
      1. Keeps all cost, commitment and projection information current in the company job costing system.
      2. Prepares monthly progress reports by incorporating all new subcontract amounts, material purchases costs to date, and change orders.
      3. Prepares monthly fee and cost status reports.
      4. Prepares owner billing by assembling Dome costs, receiving and reviewing subcontractor invoices and organizing the documents in accordance with the owner’s requirements.
      5. Expedites monthly payment from owner.
    • Permit and Inspections
      1. Expedites permits and other permit-related requirements such as Waste Recycling Program, SWPP, and BAAQMD.
      2. Logs all permit drawings and job cards, including revisions.
      3. Assists superintendent with inspections if required.
    • Insurance: assists Insurance Coordinator in obtaining and maintaining current Dome and subcontractor insurance prior to commencing work on a particular project.

    Document Control

    • Oversees, directs, and controls the project documentation process:
      1. Prepares and monitors labor costs reports, specifically self-performed work.
      2. Updates record drawings.
      3. Monitors testing and inspection record and reports.
      4. Maintains submittal log.
      5. Monitors safety inspection and accident logs and reports.
      6. Records building permit inspections and sign offs.
      7. Anticipates and records official notices: Beneficial Occupancy, Substantial Completion, Certificate of Occupancy, Notice of Completion, Warranties/ Guarantees, etc.
      8. Maintains requests for information log and posts RFI responses on record drawings.
      9. Distributes new drawings, changes, approved submittals, RFI responses and other project information to all affected parties.


    • Oversees, directs and controls the buyout and procurement process:
      1. Negotiates material purchases.
      2. Schedules and expedites material, equipment purchases and delivery.
      3. Identifies and expedites long lead subcontract items.
      4. Schedules and expedites submittals of shop drawings, samples, and supplier data for timely approval.
      5. Schedules subcontractor work and ensures subs are ready on schedule.


    1. Reviews all subcontractor and vender shop drawings, product data, samples, manuals, etc., for compliance with contract documents and coordination with all other items of work.
    2. Seeks and studies problems, conflicts, incomplete or ambiguous design information and any other questions/issues presented by subs, vendors, designers, Dome crews and staff or others. Resolves all issues promptly, when necessary interfacing with designers, engineers or the owner. Documents solutions using RFIs.Distributes to all affected parties.
    3. Maintains quality control (integrity and excellence of completed project).
    4. Assists with business development and participates in job interviews.
    5. Fundamental knowledge of contract law and project accounting.

    Personal Skills

    1. Leadership skills.
    2. Excellent listening and communication skills.
    3. Works effectively with others.
    4. Professionalism in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Consultants, Crafts people and co-workers.
    5. Maintains excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    6. Motivation to continually learn and take on added responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Develops expertise in each skill area exposed to.
    7. Judgment: knows how to respond to a problem in a manner consistent with the Company’s primary interest.
    8. Planning: looks ahead and organizes activities to stay on top of the project’s needs. Organizes the management of activities.
    9. Initiative: seeks out new opportunities to contribute. Pushes the envelope, raises the bar. Treats each task as an opportunity to excel.
    10. Ownership: is totally committed to the success of the project, their teammates and the company. Views the success of their project as a reflection on themselves.
    11. Integrity: is willing to take responsibility for mistakes and understands that the reputation of the company as a whole is impacted by the decisions of each individual. Mistakes should be corrected and not hidden.
    12. Multi-tasks effectively: construction is fast-paced and the ideal candidate needs to be able to efficiently track and perform several tasks at once.

    Required Education/Experience

    • 5+ years of progressive, post-baccalaureate work experience in a construction management/engineering or a related occupation.
    • 5+ years experience working on commercial construction projects, and be able to manage multiple projects.

    Job Snapshot

    • Employee Type:
    • Location:
      • Bay Area, CA
      • Thousand Oaks, CA
      • San Diego, CA
    • Job Type:
      Site Workforce
    • Experience:
      Not Specified

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