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    Overview of the Position

    Assist Project Management team in providing leadership and management of construction project. Continued growth in the areas below leads to career paths as Estimator, Project Manager, MEP Specialist, and Superintendent.

    Reports to

    • Project Manager/Project Team


    • Oversees and manages all aspects of the construction process including:
      • Institutional structures, such as schools, clinics, and laboratories
      • Work on remodels and new buildings.
      • Analyze drawings, blueprints, survey reports and maps using engineering and design software.
      • Prepare scheduling for project start dates and updates, traffic plans, permit acquisitions, submittal preparations, material purchasing and control, quality control monitoring and oversight of project control systems and documentation.

    Required Education/Experience

    • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management
    • 2 years of experience working on construction projects


    Assist Project Manager and team as required for the following functions.

    • Contracts
      • Working knowledge of Owner contract.
      • Working knowledge of subcontracts with trade contractors.
      • Prepare work scopes and organize cost structure.
    • Preconstruction
      • assist estimator and project manager with coordination of pricing, scheduling and planning, site investigation, and subcontractor coordination as required.
    • Scheduling
      • Prepare, monitor and update Master Schedule.
      • Prepare look-ahead rolling schedules weekly.
      • Document delays to project.
    • Change Orders
      • Identify and formalize changes in the project.
      • Distribute change documents to all affected parties, issue and expedite requests for quotations to subcontractors and vendors, and review quotes for fairness and accuracy.
      • Prepare estimate of Dome’s change order work.
      • Assemble and submit complete, accurate change requests in accordance with owner contract requirements. Expedite approval of change orders.
      • Assemble and notify all parties of approved change orders in accordance with owner contract requirements.
      • Write subcontractor change orders.
    • Submittals
      • Maintain submittal schedule
      • Receive, review, and expedite submittals from subcontractors and vendors.
      • Review and process submittals.
      • Maintain outstanding submittal log and expedite review of submittals.
    • RFI’s
      • Work with superintendent and project manager in issuing RFI’s.
      • Maintain outstanding RFI log and expedite RFI answers.
    • Drawings
      • Review and understand construction drawings and help spot any potential coordination problems or missing information.
      • Track and distribute addenda and bulletins accordingly (see 4. Change Orders).
      • Track changes and help project manager price out changes (see 4. Change Orders).
    • Weekly Construction Meetings
      • Prepare agenda, schedules, logs, or other documents for distribution. Take and distribute minutes at owner/architect meetings, subcontractor meetings, staff meetings, etc.
      • Follow through on action items
    • Claims Work
      • Assist project manager and superintendent in identifying and resolving all project claims, such as subcontractor claims for extras, insurance losses, personal injuries, etc.
    • Financial Reports
      • Keep all cost, commitment and projection information current in the company job costing system
      • Prepare monthly progress reports by incorporating all new subcontract amounts, material purchases costs to date, and change orders.
      • Prepare monthly fee and cost status reports.
      • Prepare owner billing by assembling Dome costs, receiving and reviewing subcontractor invoices and organizing the documents in accordance with the owner’s requirements.
      • Expedite monthly payment from owner.
    • Permit and Inspections
      • Expedite permits and other permit-related requirements such as Waste Recycling Program, SWPP, and BAAQMD.
      • Log all permit drawings and job cards, including revisions.
      • Assist superintendent with inspections if required.
    • Insurance
      • Assist Insurance Coordinator in obtaining and maintaining current Dome and subcontractor insurance prior to commencing work on a particular project.

    Document Control

    • Prepare and monitor labor costs reports.
    • Prepare job diary including:
    • Daily site tour.
    • Evaluation of construction activities.
    • Prepare and monitor equipment and material coding logs.
    • Update record drawings.
    • Monitor testing and inspection record and reports.
    • Maintain submittal, drawing and RFI logs.
    • Monitor safety inspection and accident logs and reports.
    • Record building permit inspections and sign-offs.
    • Anticipate and record official notices: Beneficial Occupancy, Substantial Completion, Certificate of Occupancy, Notice of Completion, Warranties/Guarantees, etc.
    • Maintain request for information log and post RFI responses on record drawings.
    • Distribute new drawings, changes, approved submittals, RFI responses and other project information to all affected parties.
    • Take progress job photographs and maintain job photos and digitally processes for reporting purposes.


    • Act as purchasing agent under superintendent’s and project manager’s direction.
    • Schedule and expedite material, equipment purchases and delivery.
    • Identify and expedite long lead subcontract items.
    • Schedule and expedite submittals of shop drawings, samples, and supplier data for timely approval.
    • Schedule subcontractor work and ensure subs are ready on schedule.


    • Detailing
      • Prepare general contractor shop drawings such as concrete forms and wall frame detailing under direction of superintendent for use by Dome crews or subs.
      • Participate in job layout. Verify elevations and dimensions.
    • Review all subcontractor and vendor shop drawings, product data, samples, manuals, etc., for compliance with contract documents and coordination with all other items of work.
    • Seek and study problems, conflicts, incomplete or ambiguous design information and any other questions/issues presented by subs, vendors, designers, Dome crews and staff or others. Resolve all issues promptly, when necessary interfacing with designers, engineers or the owner. Document solutions using RFIs. Distribute to all affected parties.
    • Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), scheduling software (Primavera and/or Microsoft Project) as well as operating a personal computer and using Microsoft Windows Operating System.
    • Maintain quality control (integrity and excellence of completed project).
    • Fundamental knowledge of contract law and project accounting.

    Personal Skills

    • Leadership skills.
    • Excellent listening and communication skills.
    • Work effectively with others.
    • Professionalism in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Consultants, Crafts people and co-workers.
    • Maintain excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Motivation to continually learn and take on added responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Develop expertise in each skill area exposed to.
    • Judgment: know how to respond to a problem in a manner consistent with the Company’s primary interest.
    • Planning: look ahead and organize activities to stay on top of the project’s needs. Organize the management of activities.
    • Initiative: seek out new opportunities to contribute. Push the envelope, raise the bar. Treat each task as an opportunity to excel.
    • Ownership: total commitment to the success of the project, his/her teammates and the company. View the success of the project as a reflection on him/herself.
    • Integrity: be willing to take responsibility for mistakes and understand that the reputation of the company as a whole is impacted by the decisions of each individual. Mistakes to be corrected rather than disguised.
    • Multi-task effectively: construction is fast-paced and the ideal candidate needs to be able to efficiently track and perform several tasks at once.

    Job Snapshot

    • Employee Type:
    • Location:
      • Bay Area, CA
      • Thousand Oaks, CA
      • San Diego, CA
    • Job Type:
      Site Workforce
    • Experience:
      Not Specified

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