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    Dome Construction is one of California’s most recognizable construction companies founded over 50 years ago. With a deep understanding and expertise in Commercial Interior, Life Sciences, Technology, and Healthcare building sectors, our clients range from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups. We were founded on principles centered on integrity, transparency, and a commitment for doing it right. We didn’t just want to do things right; we wanted to do things even better, and differently. Our vision was clear to be Your Contractor of Choice not only for clients, our trade partners, and most importantly our employees.

    Clients tell us our superpower is to keenly understand their needs, envision, and deliver. Our work performed for repeat clients in any given year averages greater than 90% of our overall business – relationships run deep and are long-lasting.

    At Dome, we believe that passion is as necessary as hard skills and talent, and why we seek team members who are curious, collaborative, and ready for a challenge. If you want to be part of something exceptional, then we would love to meet you.

    Overview of the Position

    Assist the Project Team on a particular project(s).

    Supports the Project Teams.

    Required Education/Experience

    • Previous experience in construction industry preferred.
    • Proficiency in Word and Excel.


    • Set-up and maintain project files for use in the office as well as files for the Superintendent in offsite field office.
    • Ensure that all paperwork is properly transported from the field to the office on a weekly basis.

    Contract Documents

    • Have basic understanding of the contract terms and the PC’s role/hours on the job as stated in the contract.
    • Provide original fully-executed wet-signed copy of owner contract to Insurance Coordinator for routing.
    • File a copy of contract with the contract file.
    • Distribute copies of project drawings and specifications as necessary to subcontractors and project team.
    • Request CAD files (as necessary) from Architect/Engineer for Design/Build and/or permit drawings.

    Monthly Cost Reports

    • As requested by the PM, PE or MEP, download and update the monthly cost report spreadsheet for PM, PE or MEP input.

    Project Directory & DOME System Set up

    • Set up DOME system (in FileMaker) to include contract amount and the project directory.
    • Maintain project directory with current contact information.
    • Email copies of project directories to project team.


    • Draft new subcontracts (as needed for added scope after initial subcontracts or job has started) for PM/PE review and approval.
    • Upon PM/PE approval, submit to Estimating Coordinator for processing of subcontract.


    • Ensure that all subcontractors’ insurance is current.
    • Send out “Early Notice Letters” requesting insurance at the start of each job.
    • Send out “Missing/Expired Insurance” letters as needed.
    • Follow up with subcontractors until insurance is submitted and approved by Dome’s Insurance Compliance Coordinator on a weekly basis (more often if needed).


    • Create/set-up submittal log per specifications.
    • Request/process submittals from subcontractors.
    • Confirm submittal is per specifications/drawings (by PM, PE or MEP if necessary).
    • Send submittals to architect, engineer and/or owner for review/approval (as required).
    • Upon review, forward response to subcontractor and make copies for Dome’s files and superintendent’s files.
    • File and track submittal review/status.


    • Set up RFIs in DOME system.
    • Confirm RFI is valid (with PM, PE or MEP if necessary).
    • Forward RFI to architect, engineer and/or owner for response with associated documents.
    • Validate response to RFI and determine whether RFI will have cost impact or impact to the project schedule.
    • Transmit RFI and response to initiating parties and those affected by the RFI response.
    • Make copies for Dome field offices.
    • File progress of RFI.

    Potential Change Orders (PCOs)

    • Set up PCO in DOME system.
    • Request pricing from subcontractor(s) for extra work, change in scope, etc.
    • On a weekly basis, follow up with subcontractor(s) for pricing requests.
    • Input pricing into system for PM, PE or MEP to review.
    • Submit PCO to owner for review/approval.
    • Upon owner review approval, update status in DOME system.
    • File and distribute to Dome project team progress of PCO.

    Contract Amendment (CA) & Budget Adjustment (BA)

    • Upon approval of PCO from owner, process PCOs and create a CA and BA.
    • Submit BA to accounting.
    • Print CA letter for PM’s signature, keep copy for Dome’s files, and send original to owner.
    • Keep both CA and BA for Dome’s files.

    Internal Change Order (ICO) & Internal Budget Adjustment (IBA)

    • Set up ICO in DOME system.
    • Input pricing in specific ICO for PM, PE and MEP to review/approve.
    • Upon approval, process ICO and create an IBA; submit IBA to accounting.
    • File ICO and IBA.

    Subcontractor Change Orders

    • Upon approval of pricing by PM, create subcontractor change in DOME system for PM approval/ signature.
    • Fax/email copy of CO to sub and place original and remittance copy in the mail. File copy is to go into the red folder.
    • Upon return of fully-executed CO, CO log is to be updated with received date.
    • Ensure that all COs are returned fully-executed.


    • Distribute updated schedules as necessary or as directed by PM, PE or MEP.
    • Forward or request any information pertaining to the procurement of materials, delivery dates, installation time, lead times, etc., to PM, PE or MEP to ensure schedule is current at all times.


    • Create, update and distribute meeting minutes.
    • Update all logs, including (but not exclusively) PCO, submittal, and RFI logs.
    • Email logs a day or two prior to project meeting.
    • Attend team meetings as required.
    • Distribute hard copies of logs at meetings.
    • Provide update on submittal review status.

    Site Specific Safety Manuals

    • Gather all required information for site-specific safety manuals.
    • Complete and submit site-specific safety manual request to Marketing Department.
    • Review manual with PM, PE or MEP.
    • Submit completed manual to owner for review/approval.
    • Ensure a copy is at the jobsite.

    Buy-Out Items

    • Gather submittal information for all Dome-provided products.
    • Obtain approval for item and associated cost from owner on items via the submittal process.
    • Order and track delivery of items.
    • Coordinate the delivery of buy-out item(s) with Dome’s shop or superintendent.

    Punch List

    • Document punch list items at the end of the job as requested.
    • Submit punchlist item to subcontractors to perform, indicating deadlines).
    • Repunch list as tasks are completed.
    • Follow up with subcontractors on a weekly basis until all items have been completed.
    • File and track progress of completion of items.

    Superintendent Reports

    • Log/track Daily Construction Reports on a daily basis.
    • Log/track pretask plans on an as-needed basis.
    • Log/track safety reports on an as-needed basis.


    • During course of project, assist project accountant (as requested) in contacting subcontractors to submit billings and lien releases.
    • Assist project accountant/subcontractors in reconciling their change orders.
    • Upon project completion send “Final Contract Value Confirmation/Final Submission Invoice Request” letters to all subcontractors.
    • Assist accounting in obtaining final invoices from subs.

    Turn Over Packages

    • Gather all warranties/guarantees, operation manuals, as-built drawings and any other requested information from the client and/or architect for the turn-over package.
    • Place all information in a neat and organized manner (per specifications) to go to the client and architect.
    • Submit package for review/approval.


    • Assist permit expeditor (as needed) in obtaining all necessary permits for the project.
    • Upon final sign-off, obtain all permit drawings and job cards from field.
    • Provide copies of drawings and signed-off job card to client (and architect, if requested.)
    • File signed-off job cards.

    Personal Skills

    • Professionalism in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Consultants, Crafts people and co-workers.
    • Maintain excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Motivation to continually learn and take on added responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Develop expertise in each skill area exposed to.
    • Judgment: know how to respond to a problem in a manner consistent with the Company’s primary interest.
    • Planning: look ahead and organize activities to stay on top of the project’s needs. Organize the management of activities.
    • Initiative: seek out new opportunities to contribute. Push the envelope, raise the bar. Treat each task as an opportunity to excel.
    • Ownership: total commitment to the success of the project, his/her teammates and the company. View the success of the project as a reflection on him/herself.
    • Able to train new Project Coordinators as required.
    • Ability to be flexible in performing different tasks; depending on roles/responsibilities of a project team.
    • Flexible in working hours, and to work outside of Dome’s main office(s) i.e. field locations.

    Job Snapshot

    • Employee Type:
    • Location:
      • Bay Area, CA
      • San Jose
    • Job Type:
      Site Workforce
    • Experience:
      Not Specified

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