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Assist Project Management team in providing leadership and management of construction project. The Field Engineer supports the Superintendent in managing the field operations of a project. Expectation for this position is to learn all aspects of field operations, and along with an understanding of the duties of the Project Engineer counterparts, to obtain a full picture of the construction process. Reports to the Superintendent.

Required Education & Experience

  • B.S. / M.S. in Construction Management, Civil Engineering or related field of study.
  • Internship focusing on field operations preferred.

Performance Measures

  • Immediately and consistently abides by our Core Behaviors.
  • Proactively seeks and obtains demonstrable proficiency in the Core Competencies described herein within a 2 to 4 year time frame.

Core Behaviors

  • Integrity
    • Behaves ethically and does not rationalize unethical behavior. Never compromises integrity in response to adverse circumstances, situations or individuals.
    • Acts with transparency towards customers, employees and management.
    • Does what is right, not what is expedient when it comes to “gray” areas or situations where “no one will notice”.
  • Safety
    • Committed to a safety culture, never compromising safety due to budget, schedule or quality constraints.
    • Demonstrates safety awareness and incorporates into daily/weekly/monthly planning and activities.
    • Calls attention to unsafe conditions & practices.
  • Accountability
    • Personally accountable – follows through on obligations and commitments. Dependable.
    • Drives accountability from entire team; utilizes procedures & best practices to promote accountability in a proactive, positive manner.
    • Overcomes roadblocks – resourceful & thinks creatively to meet commitments and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Collaboration
    • Gravitates towards collaboration to solve problems or build alignment.
    • Builds and maintains trusting relationships. Builds rapport well – empathetic, approachable, and humble.
    • Communicates with a respectful, professional demeanor and a positive, can-do attitude.
    • Listens attentively. Able to “play back” other persons point of view.
    • Focuses on situations, issues or behaviors and not individuals.
    • Never uses e-mail to initiate / resolve conflict, or negotiate.
  • Courage
    • Questions actions inconsistent with our values.
    • Speaks openly and honestly, even if it is controversial.
    • Effectively delivers “bad news” in a timely manner. Maintains composure under adverse situations.
    • Possesses the ability to make tough decisions and take smart risks – not afraid of failure.
  • Customer Focus
    • Establishes “partner” relationships with customers, gains their trust and respect.
    • Actively seeks to understand customer expectations and solicits feedback. Provides solutions that align with expectations.
    • Win-Win oriented – seeks results in the best interest of both Dome and our business partners.
    • Takes responsibility for ensuring any issues raised by customers are responded to promptly.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Curious in nature. Seeks to understand our industry, strategies and business partners.
    • Continuously optimizes work processes and improves personal skills
    • Accepts and adjusts quickly to feedback. Not rigid intellectually, emotionally or interpersonally.
    • Proactively participates in 1:1’s, sets & achieves goals and attends trainings.
    • Consistently voices concerns in a constructive manner and offers solutions.
  • Initiative 
    • Doesn’t wait to be told what to do – never feels “that’s not my job”.
    • Acts independently and reports routinely. Does not avoid accountability through escalation.
    • Effective at setting & communicating priorities. Demonstrates a sense of urgency in performing top priorities.
  • Leadership 
    • Aligns with Core Values, Purpose and Vision through words and actions. Sets example for others.
    • Identifies and proactively confronts critical developments, dysfunctions or performance issues.
    • Acts as a change agent – removes obstacles and encourages new ideas; aligns new ideas and strategies with our Core Values and Purpose.
    • Selfless – puts larger interest above own – channels ambition into the company and not oneself
    • Acknowledges and uses delegation as the vehicle for personal and team development. Empowers and mentors team to attain higher levels of performance.

Core Competencies

  • Field Mobilization Support
    • Assist the Superintendent in the mobilization of site project office, infrastructure, security etc., utilizing the Project Strat-Up Checklist procedure.
  • Safety Planning & Enforcement
    • Assure that all safety protocols, procedures & best practices are incorporated into project execution.
    • Hold mobilized trade partners accountable for safety performance.
    • Assists in the development & implementation of the Project Specific Safety Manual, Safety Orientations, legally required jobsite safety postings, Hazard Communications Standard – (SDS), Safety Meetings, Safety Audits, Job Hazard Analysis and Pre-Task Planning.
    • Support Superintendent in incident investigations and reporting.
  • Contract Document Comprehension
    • Develop ability to read and fully comprehend all contract documents, including plans for all trade disciplines and specifications. Ability to translate comprehension into recognition of field installations.
  • Means & Methods – Fundamentals
    • Actively engage trade partner Foreman to learn the fundamentals of their discipline.
    • Develop an understanding efficient construction sequencing by leveraging trade fundamentals knowledge.
  • Field Execution Plan Assistance 
    • Assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive logistics plan for all project phases.
    • Execute as directed by the Superintendent the Project Start Up Checklist procedure, modifying or expanding the noted checklist controls to align with specific project requirements.
  • Field Interdisciplinary Coordination
    • Able to assess problems, convene appropriate trade partners, and devise solutions.
    • Implement approved corrective solutions.
  • Subcontractor Pre-Mobilization Compliance Confirmation
    • bcontractor Pre-Mobilization Compliance Confirmation • Assure trade partner adherence with pre-mobilization field compliance items, including OSHA mandated Designated Competent Person designation, Job Hazard Analysis completion, crew completion of safety orientation, possession of current plans and specifications and field access to relevant answered RFI’s and approved submittals.
    • Coordinate and confirm with your office support to assure trade partner adherence with premobilization administrative compliance items, including a fully executed Subcontract Agreement, Insurance Certificate and approved submittals.
  • Field Rhythm Awareness & Assistance 
    • Learn it.
    • As directed by Superintendent, execute procedures and best practices identified in the Field Rhythm.
  • Jurisdictional Inspection Assistance
    • Prior to formal inspection, assist in verifying installed work conforms to Code, special inspection and Inspector requirements.
    • Schedule special & jurisdictional inspections in accordance with the schedule and/or as directed by the Superintendent.
  • Procurement – Field PO’s / Buyout 
    • Assess material requirements and procure using required standard procedure. Assure proper cost coding.
    • Coordinate timely delivery and confirm delivered materials are in good condition and match with order requirements.
  • RFI / Submittal – Field Implementation 
    • Responsible for assuring answered RFIs and approved Submittals are provided / communicated to trade disciplines and incorporated in to field execution in timely manner.
    • Review and coordinate RFI’s and Submittals verse field conditions and comment / coordinate as appropriate.
  • Schedule Communication & Progress Monitoring
    • Responsible for assuring distributed master schedule is provided / communicated to trade disciplines and incorporated in to field execution in timely manner.
    • Collaborates with trade discipline Foreman to obtain and incorporate sequencing logic, procurement lead times and activity durations.
    • Able to monitor field installation progress and report out discrepancies. Drive accountability of schedule performance.
  • Quality Control Assistance
    • Possess full knowledge of all specified quality standards, mock-ups requirements, inspection provisions and testing requirements.
    • Execute delivered materials inspections to assure compliance with contract documents, approved Submittals and answered RFIs.
    • Facilitates and participates in periodic quality inspections. Documents discrepancies and manages resolution of quality issues.
  • Field Cost Control 
    • Possess full knowledge of established project budget and coding structure. Able to retrieve and comprehend all cost control reports.
    • Monitor project costs comparative to established budgets on a weekly basis. Identify & communicate cost risk exposure or opportunity, Assist Superintendent in deploying strategies to mitigate or realize, respectively.
    • Utilize project specific phase coding for all material and labor charges. Assure timely submission and proper coding of field timecards.
  • PCO Field Verification 
    • Responsible for the field change order / tag process. Review and determine legitimacy of all tags presented by trade partners. Reject unfounded change order requests. Review legitimate tags for accuracy and document accordingly. Resolve disputed field changes in collaboration with the Superintendent.
  • Punchlist – Field Execution 
    • Fulfill a leadership role in the implementation of the field punchlist process. Able to identify nonconforming field installations & materials, document, and assign to the appropriate trade discipline for resolution.
    • Hold the team accountable for timely resolution of non-conforming installations. Communicate expectations, monitor and measure the process and escalate poor performance for correction.
  • Daily Huddle Participation 
    • Participate in Daily Huddles with all mobilized subcontractor Foreman to discuss installation progress vs. plan, upcoming activities and constraints.

Job Snapshot

  • Employee Type:
  • Location:
    Bay Area, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Job Type:
    Site Workforce
  • Experience:
    Not Specified

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