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    Dome Construction is one of California’s most recognizable construction companies founded over 50 years ago. With a deep understanding and expertise in Commercial Interior, Life Sciences, Technology, and Healthcare building sectors, our clients range from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups. We were founded on principles centered on integrity, transparency, and a commitment for doing it right. We didn’t just want to do things right; we wanted to do things even better, and differently. Our vision was clear to be Your Contractor of Choice not only for clients, our trade partners, and most importantly our employees.

    Clients tell us our superpower is to keenly understand their needs, envision, and deliver. Our work performed for repeat clients in any given year averages greater than 90% of our overall business – relationships run deep and are long-lasting.

    At Dome, we believe that passion is as necessary as hard skills and talent, and why we seek team members who are curious, collaborative, and ready for a challenge. If you want to be part of something exceptional, then we would love to meet you.

    Overview of the Position:

    The ideal candidate must have 2+ years of experience working on commercial construction projects. Continued growth in the areas below lead to career paths in Estimating, Project Management, and Superintending.

    Supports the Project Teams

    Required Education/Experience

    Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management preferred.

    5+ years of construction experience.



    1. General Administration

    a. Attend weekly status meetings.

    b. Attend monthly staff meetings.

    c. Maintain clear and structured hard copy files and electronic files

    2. Estimate Creation

    a. Obtain estimate numbers from Filemaker Database.

    b. Complete all information required for the estimated number.

    3. Subcontractor Solicitations

    a. Create a new estimate within Precon Manager to solicit and track bid invitations.

    b. Use the Precon Manager program to assemble a sublist of qualified bidders.

    c. Use Precon Manager to create a list of instructions to bidders and issue to subcontractors at bid time.

    d. Track and expedite pre-bid RFIs from subcontractors and responses from owners and engineers.

    e. Organize and conduct subcontractor job walks. Prepare agenda and provide meaningful job walk.

    f. Utilize pre-built subcontractor RFPs for design-build projects.

    g. Utilize Barkerblue and Dome Construction FTP site for issuance of project documentation.

    h. Confirm adequate subcontractor “coverage” for all scopes of work. Typically at least three subcontractor bids per trade. Delegate phone calls as required to estimating assistants.

    4. Document Review and Takeoffs

    a. Carefully review each drawing and cross-reference all notes to the documents to verify a complete understanding of the project.

    b. Using manual or computerized methods, takeoff vital quantities of various scopes on the drawings (i.e., Walls, Doors, Flooring, Ceilings, Total Square Footage, etc).

    c. Where self-performed work is necessary (i.e., Concrete, Drywall, etc.), perform detailed quantity takeoff, and breakdown of scope.

    5. Unit Costs

    a. Maintain updated unit cost binder.

    b. Distribute updated pricing from subs to the rest of the estimating team.

    6. Timberline Estimating

    a. Setup new estimate within Timberline Estimating.

    b. Customize headers and formats to client-specific information and needs.

    c. Assemble estimate breakdown using the takeoff menu.

    d. Utilize custom Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to organize estimates in various ways for analysis and presentation to clients.

    e. Utilize and customize layouts as necessary.

    f. Customize add-ons to meet project needs.

    g. Print estimates in multiple formats as necessary for in-house analysis and presentation to the client.

    7. Final Estimate Assembly

    a. Perform Bid Analysis of subcontractor bids received to determine the most responsible low bid for entry within the overall estimate.

    b. Create and customize clarifications to accompany estimates for presentation to the client. Clarification templates to be used and customized.

    c. Manage busy bid days and delegate subcontractor bid analysis to other estimators as necessary to meet bid time requirements.

    d. Review full estimate and clarifications with upper management prior to issuing to the client.

    e. Confirm fee and retention requirements with upper management.

    f. Analyze documents to determine the level of contingency required. Incorporate appropriate allowances for undefined scopes of work.

    g. Review client master contract to confirm adherence to our proposal.

    h. Assemble estimate binder for presentation to the client as appropriate. Delegate tasks to estimating assistant.

    i. Work with the Marketing department as necessary for formal RFP responses.

    j. When necessary, work with Insurance Compliance Coordinator to create an AIA contract for clients without formal contracts.

    8. Subcontracts and Buyout

    a. If awarded, convert estimate number to project number using Filemaker and complete all necessary project information.

    b. Draft and issue subcontracts using the Filemaker system. Issuance performed by estimating assistant.

    c. Issue Notices to Proceed (Letters of Intent) as necessary to release subcontractors prior to finalizing subcontracts.

    9. Turnover Package

    a. Complete estimating turnover checklist for proper transmission of information to operations and accounting team.

    b. Interface estimate in Timberline Estimating to Timberline Accounting.

    c. Conduct turnover meeting with the Accounting and Operations department.

    10. Other Responsibilities

    a. Were involved in ongoing preconstruction projects, monitor costs, and invoice monthly for services.

    b. Participate in informal presentations were necessary to obtain new work.

    c. Manage the design-build process. Utilize MEP specialist assistance for highly technical projects.

    Technical skills

    1. Ability to take-off multiply trades to get a better understanding of the project and scope of work.

    2. Analysis of subcontractor bids for conformance to the drawings and all written instructions to bidders.

    3. Seek and study problems, conflicts, incomplete or ambiguous design information, and any other questions/issues presented by subs, vendors, designers, Dome staff, or others. Resolve all promptly including interfacing with designers, engineers, or the owner when necessary.

    Personal Skills

    1 Ability to work effectively with others.

    2. Professionalism in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Consultants, and co-workers.

    3. Maintain excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    4. Motivation to continually learn and take on added responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Develop expertise in each skill area exposed to.

    5. Judgment: Know how to respond to a problem in a manner consistent with the Company’s primary interest.

    6. Planning: Look ahead and organize activities to stay on top of multiple estimates.

    7. Initiative: Sees out new opportunities to contribute. Push the envelope, raise the bar. Treat each estimate as an opportunity to excel.

    8. Ownership: Total commitment to the success of the project, his/her teammates, and the company. View the success of his/her project as a reflection on him/herself.

    Job Snapshot

    • Employee Type:
    • Location:
      • Bay Area, CA
    • Job Type:
      Site Workforce
    • Experience:
      Specified in Job Description

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