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    Dome Construction was established over 50 years ago. The company was founded on principles centered on integrity, transparency, and a commitment to doing things right.

    In the past five decades, we’ve grown to be one of California’s most recognizable construction companies with a deep understanding and expertise in Commercial Interior, Life Sciences, Technology, and Healthcare building. Our clients range from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups who value relationships, culture, and transparency. Year over year, the percentage of our work performed for repeat clients averages greater than 90% of our overall business – relationships run deep and are long-lasting.

    At Dome, we believe that passion is as necessary as hard skills and talent, and why we seek team members who are curious, collaborative, and ready for a challenge. If you want to be part of something exceptional, we would love to meet you.



    The ideal candidate must have 10+ years experience calling on architects, engineers, construction managers, owners and ancillary vendors / subcontractors.

    Required Experience

    • 10+ years direct sales/client contact in construction or related industry.
    • 4 year degree preferred in Marketing, Engineering, Architecture, Business or related field.
    • Proposal/RFP, SOQ writing expertise
    • Presentation Skills
    • Working knowledge and familiarity with SF Bay Area Brokers and Architects/Designers
    • Familiarity/expertise in high-end commercial interior construction and renovation.
    • Understanding and experience with the negotiated and best value construction delivery process.


    Business Development

    1. Participate in a leadership role in industry organizations to enhance our position and image such as ISPE, Biocomm, USGBC, etc.
    2. Work with focus group leaders to develop strategy to ensure appropriate representation at conferences, conventions, exhibits, and industry award events.
    3. Build knowledge of the construction process, delivery methods and our capabilities, as well as industry changes.
    4. Set quarterly and annual performance goals and budgets for the marketing department; measure and optimize results vs. goals.
    5. Coordination of all client relations management programs through focus group leaders.
    6. Identify key contacts within each focus group (active and inactive) – collaborate with the focus group leaders to create a strategy for connection.
    7. Develop and implement a uniform tracking system for each focus group.
    8. Provide comprehensive status report by focus group at monthly business development meeting.
    9. Develop and execute strategies for obtaining new project opportunities. Identify all potential leads in focus group sectors, research background data, prioritize with the focus group leader and VP of Preconstruction, and follow through with the strategies for selected projects.
    10. Contribute ideas for development in the strategic business planning process.
    11. Know market trends; use research skills to gain information on markets that are the basis of company planning goals.
    12. Support business development meetings where we communicate, identify, update the status of, and select target projects.
    13. Participate in developing a yearly marketing plan and associated budget based on market trends, research, and objectives set forth in the strategic business plan.
    14. Lead the team effort to respond to requests for proposals, qualifications, and other information required in pursuit of projects. Develop and direct the implementation strategy (format, objectives, features, benefits, differentiators, etc.).
    15. Develop and oversee the presentation strategy (format, objectives, features, benefits, differentiators, etc.). Provide training and preparation for presenters, and observe and provide feedback.
    16. Develop themes and tactics for corporate advertising and public relations.
    17. Initiate and distribute company information to clients, business associations, communities, and other professional groups in an effective, consistent and timely manner.
    18. Represent Dome Construction in business networking situations and assume leadership roles within target-rich organizations.
    19. Utilize integrated marketing communications disciplines like public relations, direct marketing, advertising, online communications, market research, social networking and relationship-marketing programs (including public speaking engagements when necessary).

    Tenant Improvement Focus Group Leader

    1. Establish and maintain relationships with potential owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, subcontractors and suppliers by creating a positive image, building lasting relationships, focusing on added value for the client, and effectively communicating concepts and ideas
    2. Lead and develop all members associated with the tenant improvement focus group division
    3. Create and implement business development plan for tenant improvement focus group sector
    4. Conduct monthly one on one meeting with each focus group leader
    5. Perform project executive responsibilities as necessary
    6. Develop and implement training program for TI focus group members regarding industry specific requirements


    1. Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and contact database management systems such as ACT or Goldmine.
    2. Working knowledge of software programs such as Adobe Suite products, Filemaker, Visio, and MS Project.

    Personal Skills

    1. Able to make decisions under tight deadlines, occasionally in the face of incomplete information.
    2. Demonstrate leadership skills, able and willing to face challenges, delegate and provide direction to others, and effectively address conflict.
    3. Able to organize people, tools, equipment, and other resources and orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish desired results.
    4. Able to deal with concepts and complex issues comfortably; is seen as intellectually sharp, capable, and a go-to person.
    5. Energetic about challenges, self-motivated and able to focus on long term objectives and push for results.
    6. Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills.
    7. Effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports, and management.
    8. Act in a manner of integrity that shows support for the company, its values, and the employees while maintaining a constant focus on meeting/exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

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